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Technology in FM Award 2018

In a clear demonstration of the quality of the entries, the judges for this year's awards were unable to pick one winner. (In the article below, click on the highlighted links to learn more about each company's award entry.)

The first top entrant, Yodiwo, (right, Demetris Papailiou, Business Development Director at Yodiwo, with Grame Hughes of award sponsor Innovise) is a highly intelligent one-stop shop Internet of Things solution that uses sensor, visualisation and analytics software to make drastic facilities savings. The technology is already in use in Swedish healthcare environments, where it is making a significant difference in areas such as predictive maintenance for HVAC systems. Judges were impressed by the scale and potential of Yodiwo, whose smart building technology may be applied to an almost limitless amount of scenarios in the facilities sector and beyond.

The second winner, UhUb, is an online training app for cleaning and facilities staff (left, Hughes with Stephen Goodall, Managing Director, and Paul Griffiths, Operations Director, UhUb). The software delivers a series of training modules that include short videos and tests, employer documents and information from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Though the technology behind UhUb’s entry is not as sophisticated or as innovative as Yodiwo, judges concluded that the training app is a remarkably simple and cost-effective engagement tool for an industry that often struggles to enfranchise and empower operational staff. UhUb was able to demonstrate how its app teams up and energises lone workers in a profession where many people work in isolation.

Other finalists in the 2018 Technology in FM Awards included:

For details of previous winners and shortlisted entries, please click on the links below:

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