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It’s almost too obvious to say. Like pretty much every other aspect of life, the implementation of new technologies – and the pace of continued new development – is reshaping FM. The benefits are considerable and measured in terms of greater efficiency, improved service delivery, better management, reduced environmental impact and much more. 

But all this development brings some challenges, too. There’s the issue of change itself, which is not always easy. There may be issues around costs of implementation, even if only in the short-term, and in many cases there may be a need for new skills to successfully deploy and manage new systems. Probably the greatest challenge, however, is simply to understand – to understand what a particular piece of new technology means, what it offers, what its real benefits and costs might be, whether it is the right choice for a particular situation.

Our technology hub aims to help with all this by providing easy access to a range of resources that offer FMs some of the information, insights and advice they need for a better understanding of what the future might hold for them and their organisations.

Recent technology-related content is shown in the list below. In addition, you can use the i-FM Search function to explore our news, feature and comment content covering technology issues. You can search on the topic ‘FM Technology’ on our News & Features page – which brings up dozens of relevant articles - or on any keyword on our Search page.

You can also find good insights into recent and likely future changes to FM practice and the wider marketplace in our White Papers. Each of these pulls together information, views and advice from the top speakers participating in the annual Workplace Futures conference series. Not surprisingly, technology frequently figures in these discussions.

And if you are already doing great things with new technology, share your success by entering the competition for the annual i-FM Technology in FM Award – designed to showcase the benefits of real innovation in the industry.

Information about the Award scheme, as well as past winners and shortlisted entrants, is here.

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