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This Month

The power of the personal touch

Personally speaking: Debra Ward in conversation with Bianca Angelico, Chief DayMaker at On Verve.

Private equity and UK FM: a growth story

Private equity investment shows no sign of abating. Fiona Perrin explores this trend, what funds are looking for and what it means to be owned by PE.

Rising to the challenge

Being the best you can be is, of course, a huge modern-day cliché.  But like every cliché, there’s a truthful core idea.

Easy does it at Equans

The amalgamation in the UK of Bouygues and Equans has put a new FM powerhouse on the scene. And they made it look easy.

This Quarter

A powerhouse of people

Val Dale, group chief people officer at OCS, outlines the crucial role people will play in the FM giant’s growth plans.


Changing an industry stuck in an outdated processes and expectations rut, one customer at a time.

Gatwick: looking beyond arrivals and departures

The airport, a complex site with over 70 years of history, is tackling buried assets and biodiversity with digital mapping.

Learning and earning her way to the top

Personally speaking: Debra Ward in conversation with Beverley Winrow, COO, Mitie Technical Services

SWG at 30: a journey through the i-FM archives

Service Works Global, one of the most recognisable software brands in the FM and workplace market, turned 30 this April.

AI and the workplace: what do we really need to know?

Fiona Perrin talks with Inma Martinez, advisor to governments and businesses on the impact of artificial intelligence.

Growth, technology, experience: squaring the circle

With ambitions to grow and an increasing appetite for new technologies, are FM providers redefining ‘the workplace experience’?

The sleeping giant awakes

OCS, a business operating in FM long before anyone thought up that term, has been given a new lease of life. Here, we track the path that culminated in the group’s 2023 ‘rebirth’.

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