This Week

Getting tech right: a masterclass

Andrew Targell is an expert on the tech that transforms FM. Fiona Perrin met him for key insights on how to deliver projects that drive business purpose.

This Month

Which way forward?

What better candidate for a workplace transformation case study than Which?

The cherry on the parfait

If FM wants to prove its role, it’s time to put employee experience first, workplace specialist Debra Ward tells Fiona Perrin.

This Quarter

Market insight: public sector contract values down

The UK Government awarded 419 contracts relating to facilities management in Q1 2023, worth a total of £418mn.

Man on a mission

Robe Legge is in his element: the deal is done. We’ve got the business back, he says with real satisfaction.

FM: strategies for uncertain times

Uncertainty, change, agility, creativity: these are business-as-usual factors in FM. But could the industry be approaching a critical point where decisions made could reshape its future?

OCS shares community recruitment strategy

This month sees the OCS Foundation sharing details of its People into Work programme with the FM industry. If you are a service provider, you’ll want to know about this.

Headquarters, hubquarters and haulovers

From sustainability to skills shortages, the need to work together to overcome some of the key challenges of our time has never been more pressing for organisations operating in the built environment.

Health and safety reporting: power to the people

Health and safety in the workplace is a critical concern for all businesses, regardless of their revenue, location or size.

MIPIM 2023: look up

MIPIM is the world’s largest real estate conference, holding something for nearly all stakeholders across the built environment,

An end to greenwashing

Companies across all sectors talk about being ‘green' and ‘sustainable’, but this is truly a case of actions speaking louder than words.

FM is critical to EV charging infrastructure

The electric vehicle market is booming. Is this a market opportunity for the FM sector as solution providers, customers, or both?

Cargo bikes and the last mile logistics revolution

What should facilities managers know about cargo bikes? Do you let them into your building, do you use them to help decarbonise the workplace?

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