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Nationwide takes Carillion staff in-house

The financial services group is part of a handful of often-cited Carillion customers. Following the FM provider's collapse, it has moved to secure the future of the teams involved.

Financial watchdog takes a hard look at PFI

The National Audit Office has published a report on PFI and its successor PF2, an unexpectedly timely review of a key contracting concept that reshaped one big part of the public sector outsourcing landscape.

Amadeus first past the post at Stratford

The NEC Group's catering business has come first in the race for a £2.5m contract at Stratford-on-Avon Racecourse.

Tenon confirms Hancock departure

Tenon FM has confirmed the departure of CEO Tim Hancock at the end of this month.

i-FM editor makes podcast debut

i-FM's Simon Iatrou can be heard on the latest episode of Workplace Matters, a regular podcast produced by workplace consultancy 3edges.

Carillion fallout continues

Following news of Carillion’s liquidation on Monday, question marks over the stability of another government supplier have emerged.

BIFM calls for change

In a press statement, BIFM’s CEO claimed that the circumstances surrounding Carillion’s liquidation should be used as a “catalyst for change”.

Huge food order for ISS

The support services business has signed a five-year deal with a major international food & beverage company.

Churchill in the spotlight at Birmingham venues

Churchill Services has been awarded a three-year cleaning contract with Performances Birmingham Ltd.

Incentive lands Luton Airport deal

Incentive FM Group's consultancy division has been appointed to help improve the standard of cleanliness at London Luton Airport.

Cyber hacking and FM: no longer just an IT problem

Cyber-attacks, such as last year's NHS Wannacry ransomware breach, are not the sole concern of an organisation’s IT department. Paul Djuric explains.

Is the price of surveillance too high?

Richard Jenkins looks at the challenge of balancing security needs with personal freedoms.

The i-FM News Review 2017

As always in UK FM, it's been a busy year. It has also been a year notable for its mixed messages, with many service providers reporting growth but a significant number of others, including some of the biggest in the business, reporting problems.

The demise of Carillion and what it means

Even before there was a Carillion, stretching back into the days of its Tarmac predecessors, this business was a pioneer of the facilities management industry. Now that it has crashed so spectacularly what should we take away from this sorry situation?

How ready for change is FM?

Could we be on the road to a completely new approach to buying and selling FM, something which might end the price-based tendering that has dragged the industry so much downhill?

Making the case for adding value through FM

Welcome to 2018, the year that is likely to see profitability at facilities management companies coming under more pressure than perhaps ever before.

Changing with the times

Sean Haley, Regional Chair for Sodexo UK & Ireland, tells Simon Iatrou why a changing world should mean a change of business.  

From rags to riches

Joel Briggs tells Simon Iatrou why the rapid growth of his FM business won’t be punctuated by the mistakes of his competitors.

Being green isn't so black & white

Simon Iatrou sits down with Bouygues Energies & Services’ Steve McDonald to discuss how the business is shaping its sustainability strategy in an increasingly uncertain world.

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