How to innovate with minimal risk

John Norris looks at how an open approach with a clear evaluation process can keep the FM at the forefront of innovation.

This Month

What defines us?

The latest i-FM senior leaders roundtable was held earlier in the week. There was so much input from all present that my head is still spinning.

Doing the right thing

What do people outside FM know about this industry and what would we like them to know?

Instilling equity in a male-dominated industry

Significant progress has been made to increase opportunities for women working across the fire industry in 2023.

This Quarter

Green talent: the key to meeting sustainability targets

The need for talent skilled in sustainable offerings is ever-growing as governments and businesses face up to change.

The empty office space challenge

Organisations are grappling with an unprecedented challenge – what to do with vast, often underutilised floorspace.

IWFM: where to from here?

I have to congratulate IWFM on a remarkably well-choreographed AGM held last week.

Data: reimagining facilities management

Ricky Majer, chief technology officer at SBFM, explores how FM organisations can unlock the power of data.

IWFM members: a call to action

I sometimes feel like a broken record. I can’t recall how many times over the past many years I’ve expressed concerns over the sustainability of IWFM strategy.

Proptech: the future of CRE management

Simon Russell explores current challenges and new opportunities as teams push for better solutions in the hybrid working age.

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