This Month

Early collaboration with system integrators is vital

The implementation of smart building technology can help attract and retain tenants in a complex post-Covid-19 environment.

The future of FM

A couple of months ago I was asked to write a comment piece about past changes in the built environment sector and what might be coming next. My answer might have been different only these few weeks later.

This Quarter

Security services: a changing landscape

Eighteen months ago security officers were walking through deserted streets, past shuttered shops and empty pubs and restaurants to protect empty buildings, or those with only a skeleton staff.

The future of FM is changing

Some companies are already showing that agility and the ability to quickly adapt to a new business environment is the key to success.

Work and the workplace: what employers need to know

Employment solicitor Daniel Zona offers some advice on the rules covering hybrid and flexible working and how they might change.

An evening to celebrate, and celebrate FMs did

The IWFM awards dinner took place Monday evening at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, and how nice it was to be back.

Reestablishing the customer journey

For many, September marked a return to the office. And a shock to the system for many, too.

Plastic: the forgotten pandemic

Last year the Covid-19 pandemic was, quite rightfully, at the forefront of all our minds. But we need to think again about our policies and practices.

CRM: essential to successful customer experience

In a customer-centric world, simply offering a service isn’t enough. The focus now rests on offering an experience that research shows drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty.

IWFM: is it fit for purpose?

There are a number of big issues facing the Institute that suggest the answer may well be no. Certainly the pressure is increasingly on to prove otherwise.

Improving customer confidence in FM

Facilities management has never had a higher profile, as FM has become a much-needed weapon in the fight against the coronavirus.

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