This Month

The current state of FM and where we’re headed

I recall 2015 and 2016 very clearly. Those were years when we thought we knew what the future held for work, the workplace and facilities management in particular. We weren’t quite right.

Time to speak up

We will long be looking back on 2020 as a landmark year for FM, in the spotlight for facing its own challenges and simultaneously rising to the challenges of its clients.

This Quarter

Return to the workplace: it’s up to us

I’m sure that most of us had already starting planning to meet up with friends, colleagues and clients and were looking forward to the 21st when the last of the restrictions would be lifted….

Finding the right technology in a digital world

The pandemic has spurred workplace change. A survey from McKinsey found that the year following the initial UK lockdown accelerated the adoption of workplace technology by several years.

Covid-19: A tsunami of information

Data, data everywhere, nor any idea what to think. Apologies to Mr Coleridge, but his ancient mariner’s tale is not a bad parallel for our persistent pandemic experience.

Security: innovation is shaping the future

Jason Pope turns the World FM Day focus onto security services to show how Covid-19 has been the catalyst the industry needed.

Why do companies change FM suppliers so often?

On World FM Day, Alistair Scott argues that in order to break this cycle we need to first consider the causes behind it.

Why behaviours are key to our success in FM

To mark World FM Day, Debi Rowland offers some insights on skilling up for a career in FM.

Women in manufacturing: an opportunity in FM

In celebration of World FM Day, Ann Gent outlines the career prospects in what might fairly be called a neglected sector.

Actions not words

Last week IFMA, the International Facility Management Association, unveiled a rebrand, which included a refreshed corporate identity and positioning statement.

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