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This Month

Good-bye ISIG; hello Strategic Leaders Forum

The past couple of decades have seen the steady evolution of the facilities management landscape. Some FM organisations have changed quite a lot, too.

Retrofit goals: modern asset management is critical

As the world increasingly focuses on sustainability, carbon retrofit initiatives have become crucial for reducing carbon footprints and fighting climate change.

Securing staff of the future

Just as the role of the security officer has changed over the years, so too have the demands and expectations of potential recruits.

This Quarter

Sustainability, wellbeing and innovation in FM

John Norris looks at the future of innovation in the facilities management sector.

How data powers sustainability in workspaces

If we don’t know what’s happening in our offices, we can’t make them more efficient or sustainable.

The FM market: navigating challenges and driving growth

The UK FM market, a powerhouse in Europe, is set to reach £42.8bn by 2027.

Connecting the dots

We live in a world where droves of information and data are at our fingertips, containing limitless potential insights.

Why can’t we entice people back to the office?

Hybrid working is here to stay. We’ve all read the headline: as oversimplifying as it is, it’s still basically true.

Elevating the workplace experience

FM teams, and increasingly HR professionals, are at the forefront of creating productive, efficient and people-first workplaces.

A new lunchtime landscape

The workplace has evolved at a rapid rate over the past few years, undoubtedly supercharged by the pandemic.

How business reviews improve client relationships

FM buyers are investing in supplier relationships, and expectations are higher than ever.

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