This Week

Total Experience: the key to the future of FM services

Experience matters. To employees, businesses and customers. But, increasingly, positive experiences don’t emerge because of a new-fangled tool or a buzzword-filled communication strategy.

This Month

Invisible humans at the shrine of big data

The focus of this year’s Workplace Futures conference is ‘technology in the workplace’. This raises some pressing questions, David Sharp writes.

From CSR to ESG and beyond

The principles of responsible business have been around forever, varying across time and place in scope and definition, and certainly in application.

This Quarter

A few thoughts on 2022, and some on 2023

Simon Iatrou looks back, and then forward, from his perspective on the other side of the Atlantic.

Data, data everywhere

But data is not the same as information. For decision-makers, data can be meaningless, even misleading.

Has work left the building?

I recently attended a conference entitled WorkSpace. It was full of promise about insights into the short, medium and long-term future of the office sector.

Build smart for smart business

Smart. Facilities management is awash with the concept, hailed as the future not just of buildings but of the whole built environment.

Net zero: positioning FM for success

The journey to net zero requires the right strategy to get there. Paul de Kock looks at what this means for businesses and their FM teams.

Can dynamic capacity planning offset high office costs this winter?

The world has been through a dramatic learning process, and everyone anticipated a new post-pandemic chapter. But that is still emerging, argues Raj Krishnamurthy.

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