This Month

CoreNet Global: selling the sizzle

Following the corporate real estate group’s latest summit meeting, Jo Sutherland reflects on what we get out of attending major industry get-togethers.

Technology in the workplace: what next?

Technology is arguably the biggest game-changer that FM faces. We all need to be ready for a new digital landscape - and start to shape what exactly it is that this holds for us.

This Quarter

Cobotics in FM: The past, present and future

The dirty, dull, distant, dangerous or repetitive. If a task falls into any one of these brackets, chances are it’s a nuisance or a burden.

Apps: evolving an online community

Samsic UK recently launched its Samsic One app. Project lead John Conry Jnr explains the ethos behind it and what sets it apart.

Is this the end of the corporate reception area?

Workplace culture has emerged as a key factor as companies navigate their strategies and try to ensure that their employees are happy and productive in the office.

Is a net zero financial centre realistic?

A few months ago, the ex-chancellor promised to make Britain the ‘world’s first net zero-aligned financial centre’.

Always look on the bright side of life

This year’s IWFM AGM, along with the 2021 Annual Review, brought firmly to mind Eric Idle’s delightful anthem from the Monty Python film ‘The Life of Brian’. They’re just so positive!

Why ‘society’ matters for good ESG practice

Many organisations assume that ESG is solely to do with reducing carbon emissions and, yes, this is a key element of good practice. But it is not the only one.

Hot and bothered

It has never been quite as hot in the UK as it was on Tuesday, the 19th. Records were shattered, memories of the summer of ’76 were dredged up and climatological red flags were raised even higher.

Following the ESG ‘rule of three’ for achieving outcomes

Environmental, social and governance issues are increasingly important across the commercial and public sectors. But there is still some misunderstanding in certain areas of compliance. Gordon Whyte makes the case for action.

Putting an end to modern slavery

Sodexo recently won the Social Impact & Diversity title at the 2022 Footprint awards for excellence in sustainability. Jayne Nightingale explains the actions and initiatives involved.

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