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This Week

The urgent need for better supplier communication

We’ve all noticed the dramatic decline in face-to-face meetings post-pandemic. For clients and their suppliers, this can be a problem.

This Month

Earn and learn: apprenticeships in FM

The trend is up, with more people looking to ‘earn while they learn’ and more organisations putting apprenticeship schemes in place.

Developing skills for life through an apprenticeship 

I’m in a unique position. An apprentice at Integral, I also help run the learning & development programmes that Integral apprentices go through.

There’s no ‘I’ in team

Or is there?  In a recent tribunal case one employee’s request to work full-time at home was rejected. Teamwork was a key factor.

Energy: back to basics

The best defence against rising costs is getting the fundamentals right and adopting a risk management frame of mind.

This Quarter

Sewing up safety with the digital golden thread

The next deadline in the roll-out of the UK’s new building safety regulations is coming up fast.

The imperative of energy efficiency in commercial buildings

COP28 highlighted the importance of ensuring that the built environment is aligned with net zero obligations.

Navigating the transition to renewable energy

The transition to renewable energy is fundamental to the UK’s net zero 2050 commitment, writes Richard Henderson.

Looking for the way forward

We’ve just published our annual FM market landscape report, Trends & Opportunities.

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