Net Zero Carbon

Net zero carbon represents a kind of crossroads for a series of issues that can only get more significant for facilities managers, their organisations, their communities, our wider society and – this is not overstating it – the world.

Energy, environment, sustainability, responsible business – these are increasingly climbing the list of today’s most pressing concerns for business and government. FM, and the built environment professions more generally, have a critical role to play assessing needs, challenges and opportunities, defining the right strategy and tactics, and managing implementation for successful outcomes – outcomes that broadly focus on optimising the use of resources, reducing any harmful effects and increasing the benefits delivered to individuals, organisations and communities at large.

Over the past year we have seen positive action on a number of fronts, including moves by industry bodies to support professionals in improving energy performance, research and advice around the meaning of net zero and how that objective is being pursued, landmark commitments at several big industry players on carbon reduction, and more.

We also see positive action on these issues in the reports of contracts won by service providers, too, of course.

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Featured Content

The impact, challenges and opportunities of becoming a net zero organisation

Matt Dracup, Net Zero Development Director, ENGIE
The pace of climate change, growing public concern, and the challenging targets set by governments around the world, mean carbon reduction will be a priority for facilities managers in 2021. The pandemic has shifted the focus somewhat over the past year, but as we emerge from the crisis, how can organisations get their carbon-reduction programmes back on track?

At ENGIE, making the net zero carbon transition happen is at the heart of everything we do.

  • By providing ways to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of buildings, homes and whole communities
  • By greening the energy supply through decarbonised and decentralised energy infrastructure
  • By accelerating the pace of change by empowering individuals with technology innovation and partnerships
  • By ensuring Responsible Business - a fair, democratic and equitable transition to a net zero economy

Working together we can move forward as the nation starts to recover and rebuild. Watch the video below to learn more.

Value the planet: Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In the video below RICS professionals and firms describe how they have integrated the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their business practices.
Find out more about the RICS Value the Planet campaign at