Looking for reliable information on the facilities market? On what FM companies do? On the priorities of frontline practitioners? Or their views on suppliers?

i-FM publishes a range of special reports that provide unique insights into the UK facilities management market. Our current and archived reports are listed below.

We can also help with bespoke research. If you would like to find out, for example, what the i-FM community thinks on a particular subject, please contact our editor to see how we can help.

Major surveys & reports

i-FM Trends and Opportunities Report 2019
Our authoritative annual market overview provides clear and helpful analysis of the UK FM industry.

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International FM Report
The demand for international support, whether it's in a handful of select markets or across continents, is growing - as is the supplier community's ability to deliver. We look at the trends, the implications and the challenges both in individual markets and around the globe.

The i-FM Brands Survey Report 2018
Which brands do FMs themselves perceive as market leaders? This survey asked that question on a whole series of different criteria, including service areas, policies and practices.

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FM Business Confidence Monitor 2018

These reports are produced in partnership with the BIFM and Barclays. Click here for 2017, here for 2016 and here for 2015. Earlier reports, from i-FM, are listed below:

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Market research & updates
News Reviews
Find out what's been happening over the past year (or over the past decade!).

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10 years in FM: 1999 - 2009 (open access)

Changing Times in Facilities Management
Wide-ranging research from the team at Sheffield Hallam University based on an online survey of the UK FM sector. Published in 2016 (pdf).

We’ve been researching the FM industry for well over a decade – policies, practices, trends, challenges, opportunities and more.

Some of our key past reports, covering a fundamental look at the industry itself, trends in contract terms and concerns, and a whole range of quick surveys on topical issues, can be found here: archived-research

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