Technology in FM Award 2013

The list of technology products and applications already taken for granted in ‘business as usual’ FM practice is surprisingly long – PDAs, smartphones, tablets, CAFM, helpdesks, information management, financial management, compliance, intranets, extranets – all common subject areas; and that’s before we even get to the more ‘technical’ areas.

And just as in every other facet of life, technology will continue to grow and develop in FM, shaping how we do things - both those visible to the customer and those behind the scenes that enable FM to be efficient, effective, flexible and responsive.

2013 marks the first year for the i-FM Technology in FM Awards. This year’s award winners were announced at February’s Workplace Futures conference.

Presented in three categories, the award winners were:

Commercial Services - Assetology Hub by iSite

Operational Services - Staff Hub by NuServe & Ecocleen

Customer Services - Maple by Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Ambinet & Sodexo

What better way to illustrate leading-edge thinking – and doing – in the application of technology in facilities management than to let the shortlisted entrants explain their products and projects.

Click on the titles above to read about the 2013 award winners.

Click on the titles below to read about the excellent work being done by some of the other finalists this year:

• Doing Things by the Book, Condeco
• EstatesMaster, IFPI
• TimeGate, Innovise
• Furniture Asset Database, Relocom