Technology in FM Award 2014

FM commentators are often keen to point out that technology in FM is simply an enabler; it is the people who use the technology that really make the difference. After all, FM is a people business, where human interaction and communication are not only inevitable but, in fact, are crucial to the outcome.

Nevertheless, technological progress isn’t just making the facilities manager’s job easier; in many instances, it is completely changing the way facilities managers and their organisations work.

Take the finalists of this year’s Technology in FM Awards, for example: each of these entries reached the final stage because they were identified to have made a huge difference to users, whether they be facilities managers, engineers, or even administrative staff.

A total of nine finalists were nominated across three categories: Commercial, Operational, and Communications & Customer Service. Announced at i-FM’s annual Workplace Futures conference back in February, the winners were:

Commercial – Altius Vendor Assessment by Altius

Operational – Project Robin by BAM FM

Communications & Customer Service – ATOM by Birmingham Children’s Hospital & Ambinet

The theme of February’s conference was innovation and it proved to be a contentious issue, splitting the room and generating a lot of debate. You can find more information in our review of the event here.

Predictably, much of the discussion was preoccupied with defining innovation. The question was posed: is it the big incremental changes that matter, or is it actually the small, yet precious tweaks that look and feel more like continuous improvement? This was fitting for the awards. On paper, innovation comes so much easier to technology and it undoubtedly played a key part in the judges’ decision.

In this latest Briefing, i-FM is giving you the chance to be the judge. Click on the various links to see the latest in FM-related technology.

-  Kykloud Building Surveying & Asset Management Software by Kykloud
-  PocketFM, PocketFM

-  GTOR, Sodexo
-  O2O, Vivark & OneServe

Communications/Customer Service
-  myISS, ISS Facility Services UK