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There is plenty of agreement across the industry, from the sector skills council Asset Skills to a series of research studies, including i-FM's own biennial Audit – we need more good, skilled people in FM. Choosing the best route for training in this discipline, let alone some sort of qualification, can often seem far from simple and straightforward.

Before looking at the training process and possible providers, we should ask ‘why training? – what do we want to achieve?’

If you are considering training for yourself, the answers may include:
• To improve my career prospects
• To understand my job better
• To have a deeper knowledge of my profession
• To keep my mind fresh with a new challenge
• To stay one step ahead of my peers.

If you are in a management role and considering sending people for training, or thinking about a new employee, the reasons may be:
• Enhanced knowledge of the job and the profession
• Increased ability to contribute
• Greater adaptability to new practices
• Clearer career path
• Better morale
• More job satisfaction.

On offer within FM is anything from half-day courses to multi-year higher degree programmes, any one of which might meet the criteria. Decisions about which course or programme and which provider will rest on a mix of considerations: the candidate's needs and availability, costs both in time and money, and level of commitment to FM as a career.

As always, starting out with a clear objective is the best way to ensure a successful outcome.

Training information sources and providers
There are lots in and around the industry, but try these leading sources as a starting point:

BIFM Training
FM Guru
FM Tutor
International Workplace
Xenon Group

To find out more about the BIFM qualifications scheme, click here.

Finally, because these issues have been – and continue to be – important in FM, we’ve covered the subjects extensively. To read some of the news and commentary we have published recently, try searching i-FM on the keywords ‘training’ and ‘qualifications’.

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