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A people perspective on leadership
Thursday 22nd March 2018

HR manager to chief executive might be an unusual route to the top, but CJ Green believes in an industry like facilities management it makes total sense. She speaks to Simon Iatrou.

Making a mobilisation work
Sunday 18th March 2018

John Paul Pearson discusses the stages of a mobilisation, the process and the most common challenges faced by facilities managers.

Biophilic design: sorting the facts from the myths
Tuesday 13th March 2018

Ahead of The Facilities Event this April, i-FM talks to sustainable architectural and interior design guru Oliver Heath about biophilic design, separating the fact from the fiction about this deep connection between humans and nature.

The ISS story
Monday 12th March 2018

i-FM charts the history of ISS to see how a small Danish security business became one of the biggest service companies on the planet.

Bridging the skills gap
Thursday 8th March 2018

As National Apprenticeship Week 2018 draws to a close, we talked to Andy Donnell, Group Managing Director at ABM UK, about where policy on apprentices may be going wrong and why it's worth getting it right.

Maintaining the momentum for change
Wednesday 7th March 2018

FM is re-setting its governing compass. Part of that is a new focus on diversity and inclusivity and on attitudes towards delivering facilities services across society. So, International Women's Day could not be celebrated at a better time.

Can FM be disrupted?
Tuesday 6th March 2018

Simon Iatrou examines how the gig economy and new technologies may soon revolutionise FM and other built environment disciplines.

Setting standards
Tuesday 27th February 2018

Dave Wilson provides some insights into the development of the new ISO standards for FM and, crucially, how the incorporated principles and processes will work.

Intelligent client gets demoted
Monday 26th February 2018

Facilities management has come a long way since the mid ‘80s when the world gradually awoke to the fact that effective FM could significantly influence business and social performance. Bernard Williams looks at the path of change and where it's headed.

Finding your voice
Thursday 22nd February 2018

Simon Iatrou talks to Nicola Lovett, CEO of ENGIE Services, about how her organisation is adapting to the changing landscape of support services.

BIM: why contractors and FM providers need to work together
Tuesday 13th February 2018

Building information modelling is not new. Nor is the tension between building contracting and facilities management. Mike Knapp argues the case for closer collaboration.

New energy standards: are you ready?
Friday 2nd February 2018

From April 2018, a new legal standard for minimum energy efficiency will apply to rented commercial buildings. Carl Ghinn explains the benefits and risks involved for facilities managers.

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