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In at the deep end

Liz Benison joined ISS UK & Ireland as country manager six months ago. She may be new to FM but she has extensive experience in services outsourcing, ideal for the challenges ahead.

Not just better workplaces, but the best

Fiona Perrin spoke to Neil Edmond about how BT’s current model is supporting its Better Workplace programme, and how it’s capable of delivering even more.

Fast forward to a better conversation

It’s not just time to return to the workplace, says EMCOR UK’s Jeremy Campbell; it’s time to take the FM conversation to an entirely new level.

Big move for a small company

We talked exclusively to managing director Alistair Craig about this week's sale of Anabas to a French multi-services group.

Building for a new and different future

As much as any UK FM company, Sodexo has been caught up in the turmoil caused by Covid-19. The service provider has been hit hard by the pandemic - yet it has proved resilient, and even managed to launch some major new initiatives.

Moving in-house

Over the past couple of years King’s College London has been bringing previously outsourced services in-house. We talked to project lead Paloma Lisboa about how and why.

Living through lockdown

FM services company 14forty is in rude health, MD Mauro Ortelli says. We connected with him recently to hear about the challenges and opportunities of 2020.

Principles into practice

Paul Evans co-chairs the Living Wage Foundation’s Recognised Service Providers Leadership Group. In a way that, that tells you everything.

It’s people who make the world work better

Purvin Patel is the new UK CEO of ISS, taking over in a year of evolution for the group. But it’s his frontline colleagues who really make the difference, he tells Fiona Perrin.

In tune with the times

Wagestream is the sort of business idea that probably leaves other entrepreneurs muttering 'I wish I’d thought of that'.

Post-pandemic work: FM can lead the way

Under lockdown conditions, we recently questioned Mace Operate's MD for the UK and Europe, Marlies Hoogeboom, on her views about FM in a challenging and changing environment.

Collaboration in crisis

David Carr, Chief Executive of Bouygues Energies and Services Solutions and chairman of the Business Services Association, says that from the tragedy of the pandemic some changes should sustain, including a more collaborative approach.

The employee-centric will survive

It’s companies that have put communication and colleague welfare at the top of the agenda that will survive in the ‘new normal’ of facilities services, Graeme Hughes and Andy Massey of Innovise tell Fiona Perrin.

Zooming in on innovation

Simon Titchener stopped travelling the world for a new role on the board of ISS UK, and then coronavirus hit. The challenge has led to innovation, he tells Fiona Perrin.

It's intelligence that matters, not information

Graham Perry of Datore tells Fiona Perrin how analytics using multiple data sources can solve FM problems for competitive advantage.

Social impact for the long term

George Lilley, MD of Eric Wright FM, tells Fiona Perrin why the company's commercial yet charitable focus also liberates creative thinking for the future.

Workplace change: getting it right

We recently caught up with David Bricknell, MD of Yorkshire-headquartered design and build company Dale Office Interiors, to talk about changing trends in workplace design.

A quiet achiever

She's an FM trailblazer, chair of the IWFM award judges; but nearly missed picking up her recent lifetime achievement award. Julie Kortens tells Fiona Perrin why she was surprised to get the gong.

Learning is in your DNA

David Sharp, CEO of International Workplace, tells Fiona Perrin why his personal mission has been to make what, and how, we learn as unique as we are.

Ready for a healthy debate?

Martin Pickard, FM Guru and chair of next month's Workplace Futures conference, tells Fiona Perrin why it's time to put wellness at the heart of FM.

Sustainable solution

Atalian Servest is about to invite all of its 27,000 employees to join in a competition that will identify the company's top in-house entrepreneur. We talked with Matt Chapman to find out why and how, and what this means to him in particular.

Whole workforce innovation

Technology really delivers competitive advantage when used to bring a whole organisation together, Graeme Hughes, MD of FM software company Innovise, tells Fiona Perrin.

Changing business, person by person

Chris Kenneally, CEO of Cordant Group, is 18 months into the journey to turn a commercial giant into a social business. Fiona Perrin met him to discover it's all about improving individual lives.

What I've learned along the way

Andy Chappell, now head of global corporate clients for ISS, has risen fast up the corporate ladder. As he settles into his new role, he shares advice for young FMs who might hope to emulate his success.

Getting on with it

Atalian Servest is good at giving the impression of being a calm, low-key sort of place. There’s none of that shouting about 'hey, look at us' that often goes with rapid growth and development.

Flexible friend

Kurt Mroncz is in an ideal position to understand what's happening and why in the rapidly changing flexible accommodation market. He's been in the middle of it for years, building up a huge store of insight.

Start-up in a crowded marketplace

Is this a crazy time to start a new business? When ‘uncertainty’ is the word used to describe everything from the economy through politics to work, and ‘mature’ certainly describes the catering sector? Maybe it is crazy; but then again, maybe not.

Keep calm, and focus on culture

Against the challenge of ongoing change, Amanda Fisher is tackling culture head on at Amey FM, Defence and Justice, as she tells Fiona Perrin.

Converting FM to workplace management

Peter Titus tells Fiona Perrin how his company, DCT Facilities Management, combines FM with personal assistance for a total support service at a top legal firm.

FM: a human business

Andrew Hulbert tells Fiona Perrin that it is Pareto FM's approach to people that is driving success; and he's determined to foster this ethos as the company grows.

Opportunity knocks

Serial entrepreneur Mark Purnell tells i-FM why his latest venture in the facilities management sector is ready to take the next big step.

Vision, clarity, energy

Lucy Jeynes' witty wrap-ups at the annual Workplace Futures conference are famous for their insight. As she prepares to take to the stage this year, she tells Fiona Perrin about what's coming next in the world of workplace.

A productive conversation

A great workplace experience is not going to double the share price, Mace Macro's Ross Abbate tells Fiona Perrin, but it's time to talk to buyers about how it can help close the productivity gap.

We are what we do

He's proud of his big outsourcer background, Martyn Freeman tells Fiona Perrin; but he's back with a new version of FM.

What does good feel like?

It's time we looked at our workplaces through a new lens, Nicola Morris, Sodexo's Divisional MD for Corporate Services, tells Fiona Perrin.

Standard mission

Sodexo is committed to 'Quality of Life Services'. Keith Hamer, its Global VP of Engineering and Asset Management, tells Fiona Perrin why operating to a global standard for hard services is so integral to that vision.

Servest: what next?

Rob Legge talks to i-FM about the ambitious plans behind the newly merged Atalian Servest business.

A fresh perspective

Immersed in the world of FM, it’s only by talking to a newcomer that you are reminded what a strange business this is: the multi-layered procurement processes, the relentless pressure on costs, the temptation to make promises based on a hope and a prayer.

Onwards & upwards

OCS is an FM service provider on the up. Bob Taylor tells i-FM that the secret to its success isn’t really a secret at all.

An elite new venture

After 15 years with Macro, Bill Heath left to explore new opportunities. They’ve certainly come knocking and include a new international business proposition, as he tells Fiona Perrin.

Pledging to do more

Sodexo's recently published Public Service Pledge has drawn a lot of interest in an FM marketplace that, if not troubled, is at least a bit unsettled. It would be easy to see the document as one more by-product of the Carillion debacle, but it is not.

A sustainable strategy

In light of the FM market’s recent troubles, Tony Raikes tells i-FM that the outsourcing sector might have forgotten what it means to be sustainable.

Putting the patient first

Public healthcare in the UK is facing extreme financial pressure, with NHS trusts struggling to fund vital services. James Taylor tells i-FM how facilities services companies can help to ease the burden.

A hub of knowledge

Graham Perry has played a pivotal role in the development of FM software since he moved to the UK from South Africa six years ago. Here, he talks about that journey and what might come next.

Enterprise-to-Enterprise: the next step in FM outsourcing

Juergen Kulka introduces i-FM to a new outsourcing model and explains why this could represent a step-change in facilities services.

A people perspective on leadership

HR manager to chief executive might be an unusual route to the top, but CJ Green believes in an industry like facilities management it makes total sense. She speaks to Simon Iatrou.

Finding your voice

Simon Iatrou talks to Nicola Lovett, CEO of ENGIE Services, about how her organisation is adapting to the changing landscape of support services.

Changing with the times

Sean Haley, Regional Chair for Sodexo UK & Ireland, tells Simon Iatrou why a changing world should mean a change of business.  

From rags to riches

Joel Briggs tells Simon Iatrou why the rapid growth of his FM business won’t be punctuated by the mistakes of his competitors.

Being green isn't so black & white

Simon Iatrou sits down with Bouygues Energies & Services’ Steve McDonald to discuss how the business is shaping its sustainability strategy in an increasingly uncertain world.

FM with a conscience

Simon Iatrou talks to Chris Kenneally about Cordant Group's switch to social enterprise and the wider implications for an FM industry in need of change.

Reporting up

Simon Iatrou talks to Jeff Flanagan about the importance of an evidence-based approach in any effort to promote the FM profession.

Tech Talks

Is technology a friend or foe to facilities management? Graeme Hughes tells Simon Iatrou why scary new concepts like AI and automation are nothing to be afraid of.

Change of plan

Simon Iatrou talks to Michael Rooney about GSH's re-entry into the UK facilities management market.

Shaping the user experience

Emmanuel Chautemps tells Simon Iatrou why personalised service is the future.

The Integrator: A sign of things to come

Simon Iatrou talks to Mark Seastron about a new service delivery model for Sodexo.

The Chief Happiness Officer

Debra Ward tells Simon Iatrou why corporate real estate is now very much in the business of people.

One-club man

How does it feel to spend 40 years in the same organisation? Phil Hooper talks to Simon Iatrou about his journey in the world of catering and FM.

Experience counts

Simon Iatrou looks at how one FM service provider is redefining what it means to be a customer.

FM: from east to west

Tenon FM is on the rise and Simon Iatrou recently caught up with Tim Hancock and Manjit Rajain, two of the key actors behind the company's success.

Designing for competitive edge

Simon Iatrou talks to Tim Oldman about how Leesman's client, The Boston Consulting Group, has turned its latest and decidedly non-corporate office into a tool for competitive advantage.


Change is bold but it's not easy. Sometimes it needs a specific kind of leader. In our latest featured interview, Simon Iatrou talks to Bellrock CEO David Smith about his role and his plans for the company.

Redefining health & safety

Dave Parker tells Simon Iatrou why the workplace wellbeing trend is the change of image health & safety needs.

Foodie service

Simon Iatrou talks to John Hamill about the challenges catering providers face to stand out in a competitive market.

The reputation game

Peter Jones talks to Simon Iatrou about his goal to forge a new identity for G4S FM.

The deal maker

Satvir Bungar helps to seal some of the biggest M&A deals in the FM market. He shares his unique perspective on the future of the sector, and its transforming landscape, with Simon Iatrou.

A smarter way to work

Emmanuel Chautemps tells Simon Iatrou about how his organisation is fully embracing smart working and the wider implications this may have for the FM industry.

Creating the art of the possible

Paul Crilly tells Simon Iatrou why FM services such as cleaning could deliver so much more, if only organisations were prepared to take the necessary risks.

The intelligent client

Zurich Insurance is on a journey to reimagine the relationship its employees have with their workplace, while Sodexo is the service partner helping to make that a reality. Simon Iatrou speaks to both organisations about an ambitious change programme.

FM at starboard

Tim Hancock tells Simon Iatrou how he has managed to balance a lifelong passion for sailing with a successful career in facilities management.

Creating social value

Simon Iatrou finds out how one FM service provider's work with local communities may provide the blueprint for all future facilities management.

Technically Speaking

One year after ISS's acquisition of GSH, Simon Iatrou sits down with Gary Kidd and Kath Fontana to discuss the growth of its technical services business and how this is informing the organisation's evolving approach to service.

From Commodity to Strategy

The commoditisation of facilities management services can be reversed. But FM organisations like Mitie must first ask their customers far more thoughtful questions, says Martyn Freeman. He explains his philosophy to Simon Iatrou.

Trading Places

Does the BFG's demise demonstrate that FM will be just fine without a trade association? Simon Iatrou finds out from CEO Sarah Bentley where it all went wrong, and whether the sector's future may be shaped with no corporate membership representation.

Doing Things Differently

Are existing facilities management service models meeting the challenges set by a changing FM market landscape? Simon Iatrou speaks to Mike Cant, who believes he has a solution that just might contribute to the mix.

Better Recognise

The FM profession needs to find its voice. Simon Iatrou talks with Paul Bagust to see if RICS can help deliver the right platform.

Engineering Service Excellence

In an FM sector where service providers are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd, Keith Chanter tells Simon Iatrou why focusing on staff engagement is giving his organisation the competitive edge.

The Guru

This year's BIFM Lifetime Achievement Award went to Martin Pickard. Simon Iatrou spoke to the FM Guru to find out what a lifetime in facilities management looks like.

Event Horizon

Each year, Alex Beaumont and his team provide food for some of the biggest events on the British social calendar. Simon Iatrou asks Sodexo Prestige's man what it takes to make sure spectators are always well fed.

Changing for the Better

Andy Fry moved across from Initial Facilities to Interserve when the latter bought the former last year. In this interview, he tells Simon Iatrou about the post-acquisition changes he's trying to make.

Filling a Gap in the Market

Chris Kenneally believes there is space to exploit in the facilities management market. He spoke to Simon Iatrou about Cordant Group's ambitious new plans for growth.

Service Management 3.0

What does it take to become a great service organisation? Richard Sykes talks to Simon Iatrou about ISS's journey, both locally and globally.

A Commercial Guide to Saving the Planet

When it comes to reducing carbon a commercial brain is just as important as an environmental conscience, Keith Pedder tells Simon Iatrou.

Gaining Energy

Juergen Kulka tells Simon Iatrou why energy is becoming an intrinsic part of integrated facilities management.

Noodle Fatigue and Other Food Service Challenges

i-FM's Editor, Simon Iatrou, recently took a trip to Sky HQ in West London to meet Rob Fredrickson, the man responsible for feeding 8000 hungry stomachs.

Brand Ambassadors

How do you engender staff loyalty in an organisation? Simon Iatrou finds out from Angela Williams how Sodexo has been engaging with its employees in a new and refreshing way.

Entering a World of Pane

Ian Whittingham explains how a lengthy career in facilities management has helped him apply customer-centric practice within a specialist glass repair and maintenance business.

Servest and The Three Bears Principle

Rob Legge and Andrew Sugars tell Simon Iatrou why being somewhere in the middle is just right.

A Clear Line of Site

Just why has iSite's brand of 'building intelligence' made such an impression on the facilities management community? Martin Ward and Graham Perry tell Simon Iatrou it's because their message of convergence is only now being taken seriously.

The Exit Interview

After more than two years as CEO of PHS, Gareth Rhys Williams is stepping down, proud of the progress the workplace services provider has made in his tenure. Simon Iatrou asked him to reflect on the journey.

Landmark FM

Incentive FM's Martin Reed tells Simon Iatrou why his organisation feels at home managing some of London’s most prestigious buildings.

Master of All Trades, Jack of None

Simon Ball has held nearly every position there is in the facilities management sector. He tells Simon Iatrou why this should be standard operating procedure for all FM professionals.

Scottish Power

Arthur McKay is a successful Scottish FM business with designs on expansion south of the border. But competition is fierce. Simon Iatrou speaks to the man responsible for leading the charge.

Going Soft

Norland has a big reputation when it comes to hard services. But now the organisation is building its facilities management capability, under a new name, to deliver soft FM. Kirsten Bradbury discusses her role.

Integrating Waste

While it may not seem so on the surface, waste management can be an incredibly emotive issue in the workplace. Ian Baxter tells Simon Iatrou just why this is the case.

Magic Moments

Throughout his career, John Ellis has been an exponent of top quality service delivery, applying his ideas in every organisation where he has worked.

BAM & Robin

Is building information modeling just one in a long list of reasons why facilities management is changing for the better? BAM FM’s Kath Fontana tells Simon Iatrou why her organisation is desperate to stay ahead of the curve.

Standing in the Client's Shoes

While facilities management services might be stuck in something of a rut, Martin Holt believes there is a better way. He shares his vision of a better tomorrow with Simon Iatrou.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

After many years of working with some of the UK's largest FM service providers, Alistair Craig believes he has found the perfect sized business.

In the Blood

Robert Makarek has worked in facilities management for 25 years, honing the perfect skills to be an FM over this time. Simon Iatrou visited him at Airbus Defence & Space in Newport to find out what makes him tick.

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