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The trouble with moving house
Tuesday 20th June 2017

Commercial relocation projects can turn into a real headache. Here Nigel Dews offers some advice to help things run smoothly.

One-club man
Sunday 11th June 2017

How does it feel to spend 40 years in the same organisation? Phil Hooper talks to Simon Iatrou about his journey in the world of catering and FM.

Experience counts
Wednesday 7th June 2017

Simon Iatrou looks at how one FM service provider is redefining what it means to be a customer.

What's the deal with productivity?
Monday 5th June 2017

Can workplace design improve productivity, and is that measurable? Simon Iatrou talks to some of the key players behind The Stoddart Review about the report, its aims and the workplace puzzle.

Women on the board: FM behind the trend
Thursday 1st June 2017

About 10% of facilities management service providers have women serving as board directors. That puts FM out of step with the wider trend: the average across all companies in the UK is over 20%.

Cleaning on a Global scale
Friday 26th May 2017

What happens to a service like cleaning after a large-scale merger? Global Radio FM retraces its steps throughout a recent re-tender.

Defining the optimum workplace
Thursday 18th May 2017

Tom Cudmore introduces the Whole Life Performance Plus project, a collaborative effort that is aiming to create workplaces that enhance the productivity and wellbeing of occupants.

Happy World FM Day!
Tuesday 16th May 2017

To celebrate this annual occasion, i-FM caught up with five facilities managers to find out more about their roles and the noteworthy buildings they look after.

Life lessons
Sunday 14th May 2017

If you're looking for ways to advance your career quickly, you'll learn as much from the mistakes of others as you will from your own. Always good advice, but especially during this Learning at Work Week.

Where have I been for the past few months?
Wednesday 10th May 2017

On a psychiatric ward in hospital. It's very difficult to admit that. But I feel (mostly) confident that even though there can be a lot of a stigma and negative implications to that admission, the FM industry is one of people, not things.

What should I do about KPIs
Monday 8th May 2017

We first published the following article, offering insights on 'an easy way into a daunting topic', in 2005. It remains remarkably timely. Lionel Prodgers offers a current view on changes over time as a footnote.

FM: from east to west
Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Tenon FM is on the rise and Simon Iatrou recently caught up with Tim Hancock and Manjit Rajain, two of the key actors behind the company's success.

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