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Finding your voice
Thursday 22nd February 2018

Simon Iatrou talks to Nicola Lovett, CEO of ENGIE Services, about how her organisation is adapting to the changing landscape of support services.

BIM: why contractors and FM providers need to work together
Tuesday 13th February 2018

Building information modelling is not new. Nor is the tension between building contracting and facilities management. Mike Knapp argues the case for closer collaboration.

New energy standards: are you ready?
Friday 2nd February 2018

From April 2018, a new legal standard for minimum energy efficiency will apply to rented commercial buildings. Carl Ghinn explains the benefits and risks involved for facilities managers.

The service charge challenge
Friday 26th January 2018

Service charges are a necessary part of multi-occupancy locations, but assessing value for money for the services included can be difficult. A new report from Property Solutions looks at the issues in the retail sector.

BIFM: a long and winding road
Tuesday 23rd January 2018

The latest in our occasional history series looks at the path of the British Institute of Facilities Management, definitely a case of moving forward though with a fair few potholes and switchbacks along the way.

FM's professional bodies: where next?
Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Do the actions and objectives of the facilities management bodies align with where the industry is heading? Simon Iatrou talked with three professionals from different parts of the FM sector.

Cyber hacking and FM: no longer just an IT problem
Thursday 18th January 2018

Cyber-attacks, such as last year's NHS Wannacry ransomware breach, are not the sole concern of an organisation’s IT department. Paul Djuric explains.

Is the price of surveillance too high?
Sunday 14th January 2018

Richard Jenkins looks at the challenge of balancing security needs with personal freedoms.

The i-FM News Review 2017
Tuesday 19th December 2017

As always in UK FM, it's been a busy year. It has also been a year notable for its mixed messages, with many service providers reporting growth but a significant number of others, including some of the biggest in the business, reporting problems.

Brexit and employee engagement
Thursday 14th December 2017

Graeme Hughes explains why connecting with your staff works whatever the outcome of Brexit.

Next Gen CCS Framework: an FM opportunity
Thursday 7th December 2017

As the market prepares itself for the government's next-gen FM CCS framework, Baskar Sundaram helps providers ascertain if the framework is the way forward for them.

Creating Incentives
Thursday 30th November 2017

i-FM looks back through the archives to explore the story behind Incentive FM and its leader Jeremy Waud, one of the FM sector’s most enduring figures.

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