Business Confidence Index 2020

For well over a decade the i-FM Business Confidence Index has tested the state of UK facilities management by asking hands-on FMs for their views and experiences in the marketplace. The 2020 survey is open now – and we want to hear from you about how you are finding current business conditions and how you are thinking about the future.

There are still a lot of big issues in play: political change, technology change, some amount of economic uncertainty, the implications of Brexit – to what extent are these (and other factors, of course) opportunities, challenges, or perhaps threats? How do you see the state of the FM industry these days? We hope you will share your views and opinions in this unique and totally anonymous survey.

The FM Business Confidence Index is a landmark annual study launched by i-FM in 2004. Over many years we have been pleased to work in partnership on this with Barclays; and this year we are again pleased to have IFMA UK in the partnership, too. Research is important for everyone in this industry: if you work in FM, we want to hear from you.

Your participation will help us build a deeper understanding of the state of the marketplace – so please join in. Whatever your role, whether in-house or service provider, your views count.

As an added bonus participants can enter our prize draw for a £250 Amazon gift voucher - and every 5th survey participant with an i-FM Lite licence will be upgraded to a free Full licence for 2020. 

This survey is entirely anonymous, and we’ll be reporting back using aggregate figures only in March.