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Churchill and Altuity scoop Technology Awards

Churchill and Altuity scoop Technology Awards

The two winners have emerged from a highly competitive run for this year's i-FM Technology in FM Awards.

Winning in the People & Technology category is Churchill Services and its Compliance Assurance Through Insight (CATI) system. This is a self-serve platform that ensures that companies or sites are fully compliant and safe. It is also an important first step in Churchill’s long-term vision for digitising FM. (Pictured right is i-FM's David Emanuel with Harrison Briggs and James Brady of Churchill and, below, with Altuity's Steve Voller.)

The team that created CATI couldn’t have been more proud of it, the award judges noted. It launched only a year ago and was primarily managed in-house (although much of the coding was outsourced). Importantly, it does what it set out to do: eliminate unnecessary risk and create a simple, central, visual reporting tool ensuring a fully populated repository of documents with automatic notifications and reminders. This is a tool to ensure that the SME market, in particular, has the opportunity to ensure a cost-effective solution, an out-of-the-box system for the management of compliance in the workplace.

Churchill backed up its proposition with client testimonials, demonstrating that CATI is simple to use, transparent and flexible. Crucially, the technology demonstrated that it is benefiting and enabling FM people to, in turn, benefit their organisations.

Claiming top place in the Innovation in Technology category was Altuity. Altuity uses tech to differentiate its product, mainly in the way it visualises data in real-time, using RFID markers and augmented reality. The system is hosted in the cloud and accessible both on and off-site via mobile devices.

One aspect of this approach that the judges had not seen utilised before was the creating of 360° photospheres which integrate with plans creating a far better visualisation, especially for underground assets such as utility services. A user can pan a smart phone or iPAD around and view asset data or facilities requests while another user in the office can open the photosphere for the same location, should there be a need to discuss issues or confirm findings between the on-site and off-site team members.

This is a low cost, easy to use platform, supporting multiple stakeholders and devices, but the highly visual management of data through maps, floor plans and site plans, photospheres and augmented reality clearly demonstrated how the technology could be used in a range of FM applications.

Altuity's is a highly collaborative tool and the judges were impressed with the development of its capability, which was a project-led by Altuity and supported by the University of Bristol and co-funded by Innovate UK.

Commenting on the challenge of innovation in technology, awards judge and MD of sponsor Innovise, Graeme Hughes, said: “It is a pleasure to be involved with these awards. Technological innovation is not for the faint-hearted, and this year’s applicants and winners could no doubt reveal how tough it is. Building answers with technology cannot be a short-term or one-off investment, or the innovation will quickly lose value and effectiveness. It must be maintained, developed and iterated to meet the ever-changing demands this sector presents. Well done all!”

Other finalists for the 2019 Technology in FM Awards included:

  • ISS
  • MyTAG
  • OCS 
  • UHub

The awards were presented at the Workplace Futures conference, held 5 February. Every year, i-FM’s conference brings together up to 200 leaders from across the facilities management and built environment professions to explore present and future trends in the industry. 

To learn more about Altuity's winning entry click here. To learn more about Churchill's winning entry click here. To learn more about the Technology in FM Awards overall click here.

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