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Bidding with the end in mind
Thursday 15th August 2019

Management guru Stephen Covey was always challenging people to think ahead and clearly define what they wish to achieve. He called it ‘starting with the end in mind’. Colin Dulson looks at what this idea means for FM.

Facilitating a unified approach to data compliance
Tuesday 13th August 2019

Ian Osborne looks at the challenges awaiting facilities managers faced with the complexities of GDPR compliance.

Start-up in a crowded marketplace
Friday 9th August 2019

Is this a crazy time to start a new business? When ‘uncertainty’ is the word used to describe everything from the economy through politics to work, and ‘mature’ certainly describes the catering sector? Maybe it is crazy; but then again, maybe not.

Top tips to keep staff and premises secure
Thursday 18th July 2019

Darren Hyde offers a top-ten to ensure the safety of your people and property in a world where challenges seem to grow steadily.

Combining the power of people and data
Thursday 11th July 2019

UK-based government solutions provider KBR is no stranger to the facilities management market. A major partner to 20% of the British armed forces, KBR also takes on contracts where they provide a client-side and strategic role.

Delivering the goods
Thursday 4th July 2019

In this case study, we look at how the FM team at delivery company Hermes is ensuring the workplace copes with today's pressures, and can also be ready for tomorrow’s.

Ordering in: giving customers what they want
Thursday 27th June 2019

How can facilities managers help workers create better lunchtime habits? Nick Hucker has some observations about current trends.

Deep cleaning 4,600 feet down
Tuesday 25th June 2019

A science lab almost a mile beneath the earth that simulates the surface of Mars sounds like something out of science fiction. But not for Mitie cleaner and lab assistant Barbara Suckling.

The FM as data scientist
Wednesday 19th June 2019

Is that a possibility, perhaps even a necessity? Paul Djuric looks at how ready the FM industry is for the arrival of big data.

Building innovation on international expertise
Monday 10th June 2019

Phil Smith offers some advice on moving into, and benefiting from, international partnerships in a fast-changing FM sector.

Protecting people from an invisible killer
Wednesday 5th June 2019

Air pollution is a global environmental health issue with reports increasingly suggesting that poor air quality may be associated with mental health problems. Peter Dyment examines ways FMs can help mitigate the problem.

Why you need fluid business continuity plans
Thursday 30th May 2019

Every industry is different, but even a small office environment could grind to a halt quickly without water.

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