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Building innovation on international expertise
Monday 10th June 2019

Phil Smith offers some advice on moving into, and benefiting from, international partnerships in a fast-changing FM sector.

Protecting people from an invisible killer
Wednesday 5th June 2019

Air pollution is a global environmental health issue with reports increasingly suggesting that poor air quality may be associated with mental health problems. Peter Dyment examines ways FMs can help mitigate the problem.

Why you need fluid business continuity plans
Thursday 30th May 2019

Every industry is different, but even a small office environment could grind to a halt quickly without water.

Keep calm, and focus on culture
Tuesday 28th May 2019

Against the challenge of ongoing change, Amanda Fisher is tackling culture head on at Amey FM, Defence and Justice, as she tells Fiona Perrin.

Tech that protects our wellbeing
Tuesday 21st May 2019

When technology works, it can help us be well and more productive, Graeme Hughes, MD of Innovise, tells Fiona Perrin; but watch out for those applications that can lead to more, rather than less, stress.

Why compliance maintenance should be a priority
Monday 20th May 2019

In order to ensure a safe environment, it is important that all aspects of a building remain compliant and within the law. Property services firm MSL offers some advice on the basics.

Contract lifecycles: plan for each stage
Friday 17th May 2019

As FM contracts become larger and increasingly complex, contract teams find themselves working alongside other organisations as well as liaising closely with multiple internal customers. Colin Dulson offers advice on how to make this a success.

Is public sector outsourcing broken?
Tuesday 14th May 2019

Outsourcing is taking the blame for 'poverty' employment conditions and exploitation. How did it come to this and what should our industry be doing about it? Fiona Perrin reports.

Trouble with outsourcing? It’s all in brand…
Friday 10th May 2019

It's safe to say outsourcing has an image problem. It's become synonymous with short-term business practices and corporate irresponsibility. Thomas Went explains one strategy for addressing the problem.

Mental health first aiders in action
Monday 29th April 2019

Bouygues Energies & Services UK has mental health first aiders across its business. Kamil Banse, senior HR manager, told Fiona Perrin about this key initiative to protect colleague wellbeing.

Health, productivity and indoor air quality
Thursday 18th April 2019

As a business, you’re no doubt striving towards giving your customers the best possible experience. As an employer, you’ll be committed to the health and wellbeing of your staff. But something could be impacting your efforts more than you realise.

Small, medium and enterprising
Monday 15th April 2019

We hear a lot about the big organisations in UK FM. But who are the rising stars and what makes them successful? Fiona Perrin talked to four of the challengers.

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