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Breaking free from the echo chamber

The ultimate aspiration for any FM function is to align itself with an organisation's core business. This is a sound bite facilities management professionals hear often.

Adding value

Is this the most important goal in facilities management? Has value become the key deliverable and success in delivering it the key message for the industry?

Trusting your gut

The head and the gut are often presented as antagonistic anatomical forces that compel a person to act either on reason or emotion. Yet science tells us that this is a false dichotomy.

Working out the future of work

If there was ever a thing that might be needed it's probably a review of modern working practices. If there was ever a thing that might be difficult to do, it's probably a review of modern working practices.

It's the ethos, not the stats

I have been fortunate enough to meet some innovative leaders in their inspiring corporate offices over the past couple of weeks. All very different businesses, but they do have one big thing in common: a clear commitment to their people.

Election chatter

Buried beneath the clamour of the snap election and its surprising results last week was a story about something called the Naylor Review.

Leading the charge?

Facilities management is nothing if not a place of change. Policies, practices, expectations and FM companies themselves shift and develop. Could one, Mitie, in the headlines as much for bad news as good in recent weeks, be showing us the way forward?

Looking back to see forward

I realise not everyone finds the history of FM as engaging as I do, but it is nevertheless interesting, instructive and occasionally surprising.

What's it all about?

There was a brief but spirited Twitter discussion last week in which some highly experienced FM players debated the relationship between workplace and facilities management. The two are grappling for primacy at the moment, at least in some quarters.

Lies, damned lies and big red buses

In a recent blog post, workplace commentator Simon Heath criticised The Stoddart Review for its assertion that a 1% productivity gain could add £20 billion to the UK economy.

The long view

A new year is a time for looking forward, of course. But looking forward is inevitably built on a foundation of looking back, at things left undone and things that perhaps aren't going quite as planned. And then there are regrets.

Is FM bulletproof in 2017?

Happy New Year! In some ways, it feels particularly good to be moving on from 2016, which brought with it a few changes and challenges that many of us may be happy to see recede into the past.

Should we be confident?

2016 has been rough.

Triggering a reaction

There's a lot of knowledge and experience behind the idea that certain words catch our interest almost automatically, conjuring up a variety of associations and/or spurring us to action. The history of advertising is the history of key word development.

Fad or future

History has a funny habit of repeating itself. Trends emerge, die and are sometimes inexplicably resurrected.

Where next for the BIFM?

With the swift exit of new CEO Ray Perry and IFMA and RICS now collaborating to focus on the development of the FM profession around the world, BIFM has some major issues on its plate. I addressed this last spring, but agreed not to publish.

Predicting the future

We seem to have entered an age in which crystal balls are particularly cloudy, at least in parts. And it is in those parts, where we are less sure of events and their implications, that risk lies.

It's all in the name

Whenever someone wants to talk about branding, I'm immediately reminded of Sigmund Freud's nephew and his work in the tobacco industry.

Shaping the future

More of the same: that's one way to interpret the conclusions of the latest market research study on global trends in FM. But in this case 'the same' means some very big changes over the next five years or so.

Avoiding a Fexit

For months, the British politicians who campaigned to leave the EU were portrayed as insular and parochial.

When will the robots take over?

Every research report that i-FM has been involved in over the past decade has pointed to technology being one of the key game-changers in FM. But where will technology actually take us?

Solving the productivity equation

If you have been paying attention over the past two years, you will have noticed a growing obsession in facilities management with productivity.

Never mind the title; concentrate on the message

You might be surprised to learn that BaxterStorey has produced a white paper that purposely looks beyond its own service focus to the wider industry of outsourced FM, with the goal of uncovering how this sector can continue to grow and develop.

Uncertain times in FM

The 2016 FM Business Confidence Monitor provided us with a window into an industry less confident than it was 12 months ago.

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