The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in living memory. It has had, and continues to have, far-reaching impacts on individuals, our society, the economy and our industry. Many of those impacts have of course been negative; and the challenges implied by that, as well as by the long list of other changes we have been experiencing, will be with us for some time to come. On the more positive side, this does bring some opportunities, too, in terms of highlighting the possibilities of working in different ways, deploying new and appropriate technologies and finding ways to better use resources, for example. And, yes, there may also be some new business opportunities.

A key part of our role is to help provide the FM community with the news, information and insights needed to understand and manage the pandemic impacts, challenges and opportunities. You can access all of the relevant content on i-FM from this page. News, features and comments are shown in the boxes below and to the right. In addition, you can use our Search functions to explore the site for related issues. You can search the news by date or topic, for example ‘Covid-19’. Or you can search our full content on any keyword via our Search page.

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News: Lockdown good news: waste levels drop
29th September 2020

According to facilities services group PHS, the amount of washroom waste generated by UK organisations in the last four months dropped by 49% year on year.

News: Membership organisations: facing up to change
29th September 2020

David Emanuel writes: our professional institutes and associations need to react to market change just as quickly as do commercial businesses.

News: Working from home works
28th September 2020

Research with a sample size of more than 125,000 workers shows that the home is outperforming the office in some fundamental areas.

Comment: Membership organisations need to face up to change
28th September 2020

News that RICS is having to make redundancies is a clear reminder that our professional institutes and associations need to react to market change just as quickly as do commercial businesses.

News: RICS survey: Covid-19 making itself felt
25th September 2020

The latest RICS UK Facilities Management Survey shows the healthcare sector still seeing the strongest growth in demand for FM services.

News: World Workplace to go virtual
24th September 2020

The biggest facilities management conference and exhibition in the world has bowed to the realities of a global pandemic.

News: RICS plans redundancies as pandemic bites
24th September 2020

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is placing 150-170 roles at risk of redundancy.

Feature: Resilient decision-making in times of change
24th September 2020

In any organisation, times of contraction can lead to difficult decisions. The same goes for periods of growth. Accurate, reliable data is critical in every case.

News: Covid-19: health and safety climb the agenda
18th September 2020

The great pandemic work-from-home experiment has proved, broadly, a success. But a quarter of such workers express some concern about their mental wellbeing.

News: Home-working works, but mental health support needed
18th September 2020

New research from the CIPD shows the shift to home-working over the lockdown period has been a positive experience for most employers.

News: Covid-19: Anabas invests in training
16th September 2020

The facilities management company has launched The Art of Brilliance training to support its workforce in weathering the Covid-19 storm.

News: Frontline heroes: Mitie awards extra day of holiday
16th September 2020

Mitie has awarded an extra day of holiday to more than 25,000 frontline non-management staff.

Comment: Security: on the frontline every day
16th September 2020

Thursday the 17th is Thank Your Security Officer Day, a Corps Security initiative timed explicitly to coincide with the international week of recognition, Security Officer Appreciation Week.

News: Sodexo provides more information on Covid impact
14th September 2020

The support services group has issued a broadly positive trading update on FY2020, coupled with news of actions taken.

News: New research: FM looks surprisingly good
9th September 2020

A new report on the UK facilities management market concludes that outsourcing will outperform the UK economy in 2020.

News: CEOs see 'enduring shift' in office use
26th August 2020

More than two-thirds of UK CEOs believe there will be a shift towards low density office usage as a consequence of the Covid-19 experience.

News: BSI publishes third update to Covid-19 guidance
25th August 2020

The standards organisation has refreshed its 'single-source' safe working guidance, coupling it with a planned webinar on implementation.

News: Caterer launches workplace delivery service
25th August 2020

Bartlett Mitchell has developed the new service to support clients looking for temporary food solutions during the post-lockdown period.

News: Online tool aims to get office occupiers thinking
21st August 2020

A property consultancy has launched an online service to help organisations determine what their occupancy requirements will be in preparation for employees returning to the office.

News: Uneven recovery for flex space operators
20th August 2020

Remote working may be an increasingly popular idea, but currently UK flexible office providers are seeing much lower levels of occupancy than elsewhere in Europe.

Comment: Closing the measurement gap in cleaning
20th August 2020

A lot has been said and written about the need for the cleaning industry to adapt to the challenge presented by Covid-19. Improved cleaning and hygiene standards are seen as critical in protecting against the spread of the virus.

News: Caterers launch support platform for former employees
18th August 2020

More than 20 leading companies and individuals from the food service sector have joined forces to launch Food Service Circle.

News: Sodexo launches Space eXperience
17th August 2020

The group's workplace experience design consultancy, Wx, has launched a connected building management solution that supports organisations' return to the office.

News: ABM establishes expert advisory council
14th August 2020

In a focused Covid-19 response, the facilities services provider has lined up leading advisors on infectious disease and industrial hygiene.

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