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The demise of Carillion and what it means
Tuesday 16th January 2018

Even before there was a Carillion, stretching back into the days of its Tarmac predecessors, this business was a pioneer of the facilities management industry. Now that it has crashed so spectacularly what should we take away from this sorry situation?

How ready for change is FM?
Wednesday 10th January 2018

Could we be on the road to a completely new approach to buying and selling FM, something which might end the price-based tendering that has dragged the industry so much downhill?

Making the case for adding value through FM
Tuesday 9th January 2018

Welcome to 2018, the year that is likely to see profitability at facilities management companies coming under more pressure than perhaps ever before.

The good news or the bad news
Thursday 21st December 2017

Negativity sells. We live in a moment when this observable truth feels more acute than ever.

Outsourced workers' rights: what does the test case mean?
Sunday 17th December 2017

The facilities management industry is familiar with the use of outsourced workers, of course. Currently, collective bargaining can only take place with the direct employer of those workers. Could that change?

Enduring narratives
Wednesday 13th December 2017

While it seems almost unfathomable now, more than 2,000 years ago the Greek philosopher Plato was warning his peers of the dangers the written word posed to intellectual society.

The Elemental Workplace
Monday 11th December 2017

The relationship between facilities management and the emerging discipline of Workplace has always been slightly awkward.

We need to talk about jobs
Thursday 23rd November 2017

Crisis may be too strong a word. Challenge might be a better description for the array of workforce issues that seem to be looming up on the horizon for facilities management.

The secret to employee engagement
Wednesday 15th November 2017

Graeme Hughes explains why the UK leads the way when it comes to keeping the workforce happy and engaged.   

Broadening the FM view
Monday 13th November 2017

Considering how an environment makes employees feel and interact is key to creating business-supporting workspaces, says Jeff Flanagan.  

The fight for professional emancipation
Monday 6th November 2017

By far the most memorable session of this year’s Workplace Trends conference was a simulated court scene in which the issue of flexible working was put on trial.

Experience counts
Sunday 22nd October 2017

Anthony Bennett discusses the role of the service provider in the employee experience.

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