i-FM Audit Survey 2019

Welcome to the i-FM Audit Survey

This research series, which we first launched more than 10 years ago, aims to provide accurate and informative insights into our industry – something that has huge benefits for in-house FMs, service providers, advisors, individual professionals and anyone thinking about joining this business.

We need your help! The survey aims to capture the views and experiences of people working in and around FM. All responses are welcome in a business environment that has changed substantially over the past several years - and continues to do so.

FM is a big and dynamic industry, of course; but it is still not particularly well understood – partly because it is so big and dynamic. This survey addresses that challenge by helping us to understand and report back on how FMs are tackling some of the key issues, needs and opportunities they face today. We will be reporting the results in January, using aggregate data only – and thanks to our research archive in this area, we’ll be able to look at how things have been changing over the years and where they might be headed next. Is cost still the primary driver of decisions? Or are we more concerned with the skills, experience and reputation that service providers bring to a contract? How important are factors such as innovation and social value?

We need your help. Please be assured that all responses are entirely anonymous.

Thank you for participating.

The survey prize draw
We really do appreciate the time and effort it takes to complete surveys. As a thank-you for joining in, we are offering the opportunity to win one of three Amazon vouchers – a 1st prize of £250, a 2nd of £150 & a 3rd of £100. Winners may, if they prefer, waive the prize and we will donate twice its value to charity. Click for prize draw terms and conditions.

The prize draw requires that you provide contact details, but these are held separately to your survey answers.



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