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From presence to experience

New global report highlights a transformational shift in offices.

Weakening regulations undermine climate goals

Shifting government policy looks like a risk factor for decarbonisation targets.

Job postings that require AI skills growing fast

If you thought artificial intelligence was somewhere over the horizon, the recruitment market says differently.

Time and cost slowing down sustainability progress

The work involved in reporting is hampering progress towards goals.

Contract catering: sales up in Q1

Three years of steady growth push Covid-19 hit into the past.

Businesses looking for support on net zero

Majority of UK businesses want greater government support to help meet targets.

What do young people want?

Nearly half of Millennials in the UK have rejected a potential employer because of their values and beliefs.

Hard services sector: things looking better

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors are increasingly optimistic about their future growth prospects, according to a new report.

HSE spot checks: most businesses could fail

Lack of data proving that fixed and moveable assets are managed and maintained to required standards is too common.

Health and flexibility top workforce concerns

Global study finds employee health and employer flexibility are key elements in harnessing an age-diverse workforce.

Repurposing of office space on the rise

Latest RICS survey finds 89% of respondents seeing offices being converted for other uses, as market uncertainties persist.

Women juggling return-to-office and demands at home

Nearly half of working women in the UK say that their stress levels are higher than a year ago.

Q1 rebound for outsourcing in Europe

Business services and IT both up after four quarters of decline.

Third of employees question workplace productivity  

Research finds 34% of British employees believing their workplace does not enable them to work productively. 

UK business: sustainability stress and legislation lethargy

New survey finds worrying trends emerging in two critical action areas.

Cleaning sector continues post-Covid bounce-back

As the sector continues to grow, it also faces a number of challenges.

Research: sustainability pays

Organisations that embed sustainability in their operations see better sustainability and financial outcomes.

M&A: FM remains a busy place

Activity levels continued to be high in 2023, with another overall increase in deals.

Net zero driving business transformation

UK CEOs are recognising the disruptive force that climate change will be for their business.

FM overlooked in energy and carbon plans

Facilities management professionals are insufficiently involved in organisations’ plans around energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Service charges on the rise: breaking down the trends

Office buildings with the highest efficiency and sustainability ratings tend to have higher than average service charges.

FMs grappling with budget cuts

New survey suggests that more than half of facilities managers have had their budgets cut by up to 25% in the past year.

Cleaning industry cautiously optimistic for 2024

Only a third of companies are forecasting price increases, a significant turnaround from the 90% who predicted increases in 2023.

Suppliers missing client opportunities

Research shows suppliers are suffering customer churn and loss of revenue as a result of inadequate business review processes.

Property report finds mixed views

‘Slightly more positive outlook’ reflects caution and change in the commercial property sector.

Outsourcing: mixed picture persists into Q4

Overall demand, including IT and BPO, continued to slip in Europe but less than seen in Q3.

Can owners and occupiers work together?

Progress on the decarbonisation of real estate is being held back by a lack of collaboration.

CEOs optimistic about 2024, less so for longer term

The proportion of CEOs who believe global economic growth will improve over the next 12 months has more than doubled year-on-year.

More ‘we’ space, less ‘me’ space

CBRE survey finds hybrid work is continuing to change how employees work when they are in the office.

Key property drivers for 2024

Real estate advisor Savills is forecasting a stronger commercial property market, with four themes set to have significant impact.

Majority back more sustainable way of eating

A large-scale survey from Sodexo reveals 73% of consumers believe a new approach is urgent.

Net zero: Mitie report offers insights for 2024

Group’s Net Zero Navigator 2024 includes nine key decarbonisation predictions for the year ahead.

Few businesses embracing digital-led maintenance

New research finds only 20% of businesses are ‘wholeheartedly’ embracing this strategy.

Annual FM market report goes live

Trends & Opportunities, the unique annual review from i-FM, looks closely at the UK industry and how it is shaping up for the future.

London office development roars back

Too much office space? Maybe not, as development starts hit record levels.

Hybrid work on the agenda globally

Most workers may be back in the office for some days, but business leaders still need to meet new expectations.

AI and the future of facilities services

A new ISS white paper argues that artificial intelligence is set to reshape products and services, transforming the industry.

RTO: wide variations across Europe

Employers in most countries expect people to be in the office more than we do in the UK.

Office occupancy levels climb across Europe

Average office occupancy rates across eight major European cities have risen in the last six months.

Net zero: progress, but big challenges remain

The UK is almost halfway to net zero but the hardest part is yet to come, says new KPMG report.

Caterers’ sales continue to grow

Contract caterers’ sales in the third quarter of 2023 were 15% ahead of the same period in 2022.

AI expected to reshape security services

Nine in 10 security chiefs say AI will have the biggest impact on physical security operations over the next five years.

Outsourcing: Q3 sees mixed results

Overall demand slipped, but demand for business services was up.

Companies increasing workplace tech budgets

Commercial real estate occupiers are willing to put their money where the technology is, according to new research.

BCIS facilities services five-year forecast

Costs are going up for maintenance and cleaning, but ultimately down for energy.

CEOs: multiple challenges, including the workplace

Globally, CEOs are worried about uncertainties and are looking for a return to ‘business as usual’ in the workplace.

Corporate backers for ‘definitive’ hybrid working study

The investigation into the impact of hybrid working on people, places and society is aiming for 10,000+ participants from around the world.

IFMA names 6 key topics shaping FM

A new white paper from the International Facility Management Association leads on the theme ‘evolution is never finished’.

Top workplace system integrators named

Market research and advisory firm Verdantix has identified five systems integration leaders.

Companies see security threats increasing

Almost 9 in 10 UK chief security officers anticipate an increase in physical security threats over the next 12 months.

Is homeworking bad for your health?

Homeworkers are more likely to make questionable dietary decisions, but they are also likely to get more exercise.

Contract catering: Q2 sales up

Sales in the second quarter of 2023 finished 18.5% above the same period in 2022, but costs are an issue.

Engineering services: rising demand, skills shortages

Concern is growing in the building services engineering sector about labour shortages amid a continuing economic squeeze.

Research highlights living wage challenge

Insecure employment is widespread in the UK labour market and costly to workers grappling with the cost-of-living crisis, says the Living Wage Foundation.

Commercial property: good news and bad

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Q2 UK Commercial Property Monitor is reporting a renewed downturn in the market.

Nearly 20% of office space could be unlettable

Without investment, this stock is unlikely to be fit for purpose in terms of meeting the needs of occupiers and complying with MEES legislation.

EMEA outsourcing bounces back

Europe’s demand for IT and business services reached an all-time high in the second quarter of 2023.

Workplace: what do people want?

Workers increasingly view their work as more than just a source of income, as they seek a deeper relationship with their workplace.

Public sector deals jump in value

The number of contracts procured in Q2 2023 fell against Q1, but total value was up more than £250%.

ISS survey reveals worrying workplace trends

While most feel a sense of belonging at work, many worry about sharing opinions and about being treated unfairly.

Research: building a future-proof workplace

New research from Sodexo aims to answer the how-to question in the face of continued change. 

Breaks and refreshments count in the workplace

UK employers who encourage their teams to take longer, better quality and more frequent breaks could hold the key to unlocking productivity and improving employee wellbeing.

Critical gaps emerge in workplace solutions

A new global survey points to a costly divide between employee need and employer provision.

Disability: how inclusive is remote and hybrid working?

A nationwide survey has been launched by Lancaster University exploring disabled workers' experiences of these work styles.

Property and people coming together

Real estate decision-making and people-centric strategies are becoming more integrated, according to property advisor CBRE.

Catering: post-Covid revival continues

Contract caterers’ sales in the first quarter of 2023 finished 30% above the same period in 2022.

Most younger workers back hybrid working

The figure is highest amongst UK Gen Zs (77%) but Millennials, too, (71%) would consider looking for a new job if asked to go into the workplace full-time.

Younger workers driving wellbeing trends

Younger generations of workers across the UK are calling for enhanced wellbeing, sustainable and digital workplace practices.

FM market optimism down

Higher costs, squeezed cash flows and a stuttering economy mean more FMs are expecting deteriorating market conditions.

Brand new: survey results offer market insights

Back after a pandemic-induced break, the FM Brands Survey provides a fresh check on perceptions of the UK market landscape.

Occupier demand: quality over quantity

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors sees the UK property market remaining subdued, but there are signs of optimism too.

Hybrid working dividend: two weeks a year

New research finds that on average hybrid working employees deliver nearly two extra weeks of work a year for their employer.

The future: it’s hybrid working + collaboration space

A survey from Mace finds that that hybrid working, with a collaborative central space, is the preferred post-pandemic style.

Technology critical to FM’s future

New research suggests that almost half of FMs think their business could become unviable if it doesn’t improve its digital technologies and skills.

Maintenance challenges see costs rise

New research has revealed the extent to which maintenance issues can impact the smooth running of a facility.

Eurest joins Oxford research project

Eurest is working with PhD students at the University of Oxford to explore the impact of social norms on how consumers choose what they eat in a workplace restaurant.

The FM Brands Survey is back

After a gap of two-plus years, the survey returns to explore the brands landscape across the facilities management sector.

FM procurement: 3 key drivers

New research from CBRE has identified the key factors shaping FM procurement decisions.

ESG: younger workers vote with their feet

New research shows that millennials and younger workers are driving a growing trend of ‘climate quitting’, seeking out more environmentally friendly jobs.

EMEA outsourcing slows in Q4

IT and business services markets were down in Q4 2022, the first time in 13 quarters the region failed to produce year-on-year growth.

Green buildings pay

Buildings with better sustainability credentials are achieving markedly higher capital values and rents.

Public sector procurement slips again

Contract awards for FM services in the public sector fell for a second quarter to the end of 2022.

Confidence slips as UK FM faces uncertainty

Concerns around the economy, and a number of other issues, have knocked back the growing confidence levels evident in the post-Covid period.

What’s set to shape the built environment?

A new report looks at consumer influence on real estate decisions and identifies four themes that will shape decisions for the future.

Employees want amenities in the workplace

Employees today want more ‘hotel-style’ amenities such as areas for socialising, state-of-the-art infrastructure, outdoor spaces, onsite cafes, air conditioning and flexible work facilities.

Hybrid working ‘now the norm’

A global study of 220 offices in 33 countries has revealed that hybrid working is becoming established as the norm.

Engineers worry about challenges ahead

The building engineering services sector is optimistic about business performance in the short term but concerned about the economy and recruitment.

Hybrid workers worry about indoor air quality 

New research reveals more than half of UK hybrid workers are concerned poor air quality and ventilation will impact their health.

Contract cleaning: opportunities & headwinds

New market research finds that just over half of UK contract cleaners reported rapid growth in the last 12 months, but the market is polarising.

The FM market: smooth sailing, or choppy waters?

FM is famously resilient, of course. But in the face of rising economic challenges, including the prospect of a lengthy recession, how does business look over the coming months?

Data centres: busy but challenging times

IT directors in the UK and Europe see investment in facilities continuing to grow, despite worries that the coming year will be a difficult one.

Third of mid-sized businesses to restructure

Research from business advisers Grant Thornton shows that inflationary pressures, rising interest rates, high energy costs and ongoing supply chain issues are causing problems.

Outsourcing: pace of growth slows

Europe’s outsourced services market continued its year-on-year growth in Q3 2022, amid signs that economic concerns may be dampening demand.

Public sector procurement falls

Contract awards for FM services in the public sector were at a two-year low in Q3 2022.

How does the FM market look to you?

The 2022 FM Business Confidence Index survey, backed by Barclays and i-FM, is set to test frontline market views within this key UK industry.

CIPD: money isn’t enough

As businesses across the country face rising costs, new research warns that using pay to attract talent simply isn’t enough to tackle ongoing skills shortages.

Europe set to witness ‘nearshoring’ boom

European businesses are looking towards Romania, Turkey and Morocco as alternatives to production in Ukraine and Asia following months of supply-chain disruption.

Inflation affecting corporate real estate decisions

A new survey conducted by CoreNet Global, the association for CRE professionals, has found that high inflation is adding to the uncertainties felt in the sector.

Contract catering: sales still down in Q2

New research shows year-on-year sales down on 2019 levels in the second quarter of 2022 as cost pressures mounted.

Workplace: the future is hybrid + office

Hybrid working is set to become the dominant model, but decision-makers still believe the corporate office is critical to doing business.

Zero-hours contracts: not all bad

CIPD research shows zero-hours contract workers report better work-life balance and wellbeing than other workers.

Robots: the future of customer service?

The majority of users have a positive experience with customer service robots, according to new research.

FM M&A: setting records again

In Q1 2022, there were 42 deals done in facilities management, contributing to making H1 ‘22 the strongest first-half performance at a total of 69 deals.

Q2 outsourcing strong, but faltering?

Europe’s IT and business services market delivered strong year-on-year growth in the second quarter, but showed signs of slowing amid rising economic concerns.

Food sector: waste on the rise

Unprecedented pressure on supply chains has led to food buyers in the UK’s biggest organisations reporting a 60% increase in food waste over the last six months.

Universities face new demands on space

Changing student expectations mean learning is increasingly a social and collaborative activity, presenting estates teams with new space management challenges.

Mace tops provider survey

Research across six leading international FM providers assessed their performance across six key themes.

JLL: hybrid working is permanent

Research from the property services group finds that this model has become the most popular option for office workers.

£3bn turnaround for FM in 2022

New market research has found that while the cost of Covid will exceed £11bn in lost revenue by 2026, prospects are positive for this year with a £3bn sales uplift expected.

Alarms: maintenance pays

Almost a third of call-outs are caused by poorly maintained systems or poor cleaning standards.

Hybrid working: productivity on the rise

The number of employers who report that an increase in homeworking has increased their organisation’s productivity or efficiency has jumped significantly over the last year.

Strong Q1 for EMEA outsourcing market

Europe’s IT and business services outsourcing market jumped to a strong start in 2022, with record first-quarter demand for cloud-based services and continuing momentum in managed services.

Cleaning survey: closes this week

Our latest 30-second survey asks for your views and insights into the cleaning industry as we settle into the post-pandemic period.

Sustainability investments rebound

Planned investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart building technology are returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Cleaning: BCC’s latest market insight report

The cleaning, hygiene and waste industry taken together remains one of the 10 biggest industries in the UK.

Wellbeing slipping down the agenda?

Employee mental health and wellbeing must remain a business priority and should not be de-prioritised as ‘nice to haves’.

Cleaning: still in the spotlight?

Covid-19 put cleaning services under the spotlight as never before, with the focus on timing, methods, quality, and of course the overall value of getting it right. What has that meant for the industry?

RICS confirms need for better data management

The latest UK FM survey found three-quarters of respondents saying better benchmarking of performance is needed across the industry.

Hybrid working: there’s no going back

We are not the same people who went home to work in early 2020: the past two years have left a lasting imprint.

Hospitality industry losing out on savings

The UK hospitality industry is missing out on savings of £736m a year due to outdated facilities management practices, according to a new study. 

Sustainable procurement demands focus

An update of the Sustainable Procurement in FM report has identified the key criteria that will help embed sustainability in the sector.

Catering sector sales below pre-Covid levels

Contract catering sales saw a modest recovery in the last quarter of 2021, but Covid-19 concerns continued to hold them well below pre-pandemic levels.

Workplace data census launched

The census, developed in partnership by The Workplace Event and software group Accruent, is designed to develop a better understanding about the access, use and value of workplace data.

Staff worries for engineers

Finding and retaining skilled people is the biggest concern for employers across the building engineering services sector.

Research highlights the patient experience

YouGov research for Sodexo Healthcare found 93% of inpatients placing a high value on a positive hospital experience.

Pandemic effects: cuts in corporate real estate

The impact of Covid-19 has led many companies to reduce their portfolios. Many expect growth over the next few years, but the overall trend is down.

Grant Thornton: hybrid working works

Internal research shows the business adviser’s UK staff reporting increased productivity and wellbeing.

Sustainability consulting market on the rise

Sustainability is here to stay, and regulatory changes and challenges around disclosure are driving growth in demand for consultancy.

Tough recruitment conditions driving up pay

UK employers anticipate increasing pay and focusing on flexibility and wellbeing as they look to combat increasing recruitment and retention difficulties.

Navigating changing views on work and the workplace

Employers will be making a potentially fatal mistake if they use the end of Covid-19 restrictions to force staff back into the office every day, says a leading management consultancy.

Directors back remote working

An Institute of Directors survey of almost 700 business leaders has shown that around 8 out of 10 organisations plan to adopt remote working in the long-term.

Procurement: share your views and experiences

Buying goods and services is routine for many facilities managers. But policies, procedures and the approach to governance and cost control vary greatly across the industry.

Public sector FM deals hit 2-year high

In 2021, government procurement for FM services was worth over £5bn, nearly double the value of FM procurement in the year before.

2021: record year for outsourcing in Europe

Europe’s technology and business services outsourcing markets reached a record high in 2021, according to a state-of-the-industry report.

Sustainability: firmly on the corporate agenda

Large and medium-sized organisations cite improving sustainability as one of the three biggest challenges they face.

Hybrid working: not easy for everyone

Research carried out just prior to the Plan B switch back to homeworking found many mid-market businesses struggling to implement hybrid working.

Net zero: more talk than action?

Research from Veolia suggests that less than a third of UK businesses have a strategy for reaching carbon neutrality, despite growing environmental concerns.

Positive trends in RICS survey

The fourth quarter UK Facilities Management Survey shows employment levels rising across the industry with demand picking up in all sectors.

Testing real progress on sustainability

Results of a global survey show that sustainability is now the top global business investment priority.

Office occupiers plan workplace change

Nearly three-quarters of office occupiers expect to transform their workplace design in the next two years.

Serco to support multi-site sustainability project

The group’s Europe business is part of a winning consortium involving 47 partners from 15 countries.

Senior execs focused on a hybrid future

Ipsos MORI’s latest Captains of Industry survey has found most expecting the pandemic to have a lasting impact on how and where people work.

Trends & Opportunities report online now

Our latest annual market review provides a unique look at the UK FM marketplace and how the industry is shaping up for the future.

Market insight: 292 public sector contracts awarded in Q3

FM-related deals in the public sector were worth a total of £1bn in the third quarter of this year.

Mid-market lags on net zero

Only half of UK mid-market businesses have a net zero strategy in place, according to research from Grant Thornton.

Law firms facing up to change

Often regarded as amongst the most conservative business types, the UK’s legal sector is moving swiftly to embrace operational and market changes.

Flex space demand grows

Demand for flexible offices is expected to recover to more than 10% of overall UK office demand in 2022.

Investment in sustainability growing fast

New independent research has found more than half of senior executives predicting double-digit spend increases in 2022.

Building services: businesses worry

Rising costs and a shortage of skilled people are giving building services contractors sleepless nights, according to a new business survey.

IFMA unveils future-oriented research agenda

The International Facility Management Association has announced the creation of a new Research Advisory Committee.

Workplace: majority of staff expected back by year-end

But new research from the Chartered Management Institute also finds that many people will not return till next spring.

Hybrid working could boost social mobility

New research has uncovered another potential benefit of a more flexible approach to work and the workplace.

Trades businesses bounce back, but worries remain

Demand for trade services has boomed over the past year, yet compliance and cost issues are weighing the industry down.

Trends & Opportunities survey launches

i-FM’s landmark annual market report will include something new and different this year: the results of a wide-ranging industry survey.

The workplace challenge: triggering new investment

Corporate real estate and facilities management teams are planning new technology investments across employee workplace experience, asset management and cloud-based security solutions.

Covid-19: permanent shifts in the business landscape

Post-Covid changes are likely to bolster major cities outside London and boost UK productivity, as new work patterns stick.

Order books full but skills shortages a worry

The latest sector-wide Building Engineering Business Survey shows that turnover is predicted to grow through the rest of 2021 but materials and labour shortages are likely to worsen.

Mid-market focus on ESG: lack of senior support

Attention on environmental, social and governance issues is ‘incredibly high’ amongst mid-market business leaders in the UK.

Technology & FM: more information and training needed

A survey from property services specialist DMA Group has found that almost three-quarters of those working in the industry class themselves as tech-savvy. But there’s a ‘but…’.

Business: confidence rises, focus shifts

CEOs are increasingly optimistic about the outlook for their own business as their confidence in the global economy returns to pre-Covid levels.

RICS finds optimism in the FM market

Workloads, profit margins and employment opportunities are set to continue to grow for the year ahead due to increasing demand for FM services.

Workplace expectations: trouble ahead?

Staff may be officially returning to the office, but if employers don’t offer the right working experience 60% will leave or become less motivated, according to new research.

Demand for flexible space climbs

Savills-backed flexible office specialist Workthere is reporting enquiries for space up by 48% on pre-Covid levels.

M&A: a busy six months in FM

There seems little doubt that 2021 is shaping up to be a record year for activity in the UK’s facilities management sector. A new report provides some hard evidence.

Freespace supporting workplace occupancy research

The workplace technology company is assisting Cardiff University with a study of occupancy patterns at the Open Space Network building in Warminster.

Market insight: 176 public sector contracts in Q2

The public sector continues to be fertile ground for new contracts, with FM-related deals totalling almost £230m awarded in the second quarter of this year.

Employees know what they want post-Covid

We’ve said it before and it remains true: one side-effect of the pandemic has been a steady stream of workplace-related research.

Budget shortfalls put sustainability at risk

Budget constraints and buy-in from senior leadership are the two biggest barriers to adoption of smart technologies.

Wellbeing climbs the corporate agenda

Workplace wellbeing will be more important to organisations than product and service innovation, according to research conducted by Bartlett Mitchell.

UKGBC seeks views on verification of net zero

A new survey invites feedback on market drivers, expectations and characteristics for a potential net zero carbon buildings verification scheme.

Optimism in new RICS FM survey

The latest quarterly results show a greater demand for services across most sectors, with employment opportunities increasing too.

FM missing out on the promise of new technology

A recent survey of FMs has revealed some alarming contradictions in the industry’s approach to technology.

Offices: post-Covid gap between occupiers and providers

A new report argues that occupier expectations for building performance are not being met, and that could harm long-term property values.

Employers to reduce office space by up to 9m sq ft

The latest addition to the ongoing debate about the future of offices in the UK comes from PwC’s latest Occupier Survey.

Mid-size firms plan to halve office time

A survey of UK mid-size businesses shows a clear shift towards long-term remote working.

Confidence is back: UK FM looks towards growth

New research shows that overall confidence levels across the sector are pushing back towards the highs recorded early last year prior to the damage wrought by Covid-19.

Social value critical in supplier decisions

Three-quarters of UK businesses are prepared to shed suppliers that do not live up to their social values.

7.5m workers hope homeworking is permanent

Almost a quarter of UK workers are hoping to work from home all, or almost all, of the time once lockdown restrictions have lifted.

Mid-sized businesses back post-pandemic remote working

Just 5% of over 600 mid-sized businesses surveyed believe that full-time office working will be most effective for their people post-pandemic.

EMEA outsourcing market continues to climb

The European market for IT and business services remains robust, with record demand for cloud-based services in the first quarter and continued strength in managed services.

IWFM finds mixed picture for FM market

More than half of workplace and facilities management professionals believe the market will improve in the next 12 months, despite concerns over the impacts of Brexit and Covid.

Employees willing to pay for hybrid working

The commitment to change is considerable. In a US study nearly two-thirds of employees said they are willing to pay for access to office space to support new ways of work.

More than two-thirds want flexible working

Most workers in the UK want flexible working to continue, according to extensive new research from Microsoft.

WFH: more employers seeing increased productivity

The productivity benefits of homeworking have increased over the past year for some organisations, according to research from CIPD.

Technology survey launches

Where is FM on the tech curve these days: leading, keeping up, lagging? We want to hear from you to build a picture of frontline opinion.

More set to return to the workplace?

The pandemic-inspired future-of-work debate seems to be entering a new phase focusing on how many people will return/stay away if they can.

Climate change: FM favours quick wins

The UK facilities management sector does not possess a thorough, detailed strategic approach to combatting climate change.

FM business confidence survey opens

The annual FM Business Confidence Index survey, backed by Barclays and i-FM, will test frontline market views within this key UK industry.

Businesses sceptical about the value of technology

Outdated attitudes amongst senior business leaders are at risk of jeopardising future business survival.

WFH: not for everyone all the time

The weight of information building up behind the view that office work has changed forever is considerable, though there is still much we don’t know.

Covid drives FM market down 6%

The value of the UK FM market in 2020 is projected to be down by around 6%, largely due to the virus and the associated lockdown.

Outsourcing bounced back in Q4 2020

Shrugging off the effects of the pandemic, the Europe, Middle East and Africa sourcing market delivered its best quarterly performance ever.

NHS operating costs confirmed

The latest costs for providing and maintaining the NHS estate have been published. Amongst them is an eye-watering figure for overdue maintenance.

Technology spending priorities for 2021

Businesses are looking at budget increases focused on protecting the environment and worker health and safety.

RICS: optimistic market view

The latest RICS survey of sentiment in the UK FM market has found positive views about growth continuing to rise in key areas.

FM: where is the strategic thinking?

A lack of long-term strategic thinking amongst FM service providers and their customers is limiting opportunities for substantial business and social benefits.

New report looks at pandemic productivity

Property advisors Avison Young looked into which elements of office-based and home-based working influence knowledge worker productivity.

Covid-19: new report focuses on consumer worries

One in 10 people have walked out of a premises because they felt uncomfortable about the risk of catching Covid-19, according to a report by facilities services provider phs Group.

Sodexo offers insights on disability and inclusion

Sodexo has published a report on the findings of a survey into the lived experience of employees and customers with disabilities.

Cautious businesses hold back on decisions

Businesses across the UK are rethinking the role of the workplace in these pandemic-hit times, but many remain unwilling to commit to transformational change.

Workplace: the future is more human-centric

The workplace of the future will be versatile and hybrid, focusing on employee-centric solutions, according to a global survey.

Workplace: a post-Covid flight to quality

The next three to five years will see a strong focus on flexibility, demanded by both workers and corporates, relating to work activity, space and location.

HR: key trends shaping the future

A new report identifies the trends that will have an impact on organisations, work and workers.

RICS partners for new report on FM in Europe

Researched by the multi-national built environment group Drees & Sommer, the report looks at major service providers operating across borders.

RICS FM survey opens

RICS has launched its latest quarterly survey designed to gather information on current and emerging trends across FM.

HSE to lead Covid-19 research programme

The Health and Safety Executive study will focus on the transmission of the coronavirus in environments including workplaces, transport and other public settings.

Third of home-workers feel disconnected

Data from Leesman's ongoing home-working study of more than 145,000 workers has revealed that a significant number of employees feel disconnected from their colleagues and their organisation.

Workplace change: research backs research

An extensive report on the future of the office and office workers in the UK confirms that the seismic change in the way people work now is here to stay.

FM Brands Survey: the results

Brand is important in facilities management: 90% of FMs rank it as a key factor when buyers are procuring services.

Working from home works

Research with a sample size of more than 125,000 workers shows that the home is outperforming the office in some fundamental areas.

RICS survey: Covid-19 making itself felt

The latest RICS UK Facilities Management Survey shows the healthcare sector still seeing the strongest growth in demand for FM services.

Building services: industry remains optimistic

A new engineering services sector survey shows that two-thirds of businesses expect turnover to increase or remain the same in the third quarter of 2020.

Firms short on green skills

Seven in 10 engineering services businesses say they currently do not have enough competent employees to undertake low to no carbon work.

New research: FM looks surprisingly good

A new report on the UK facilities management market concludes that outsourcing will outperform the UK economy in 2020.

Is corporate branding important in FM?

The i-FM Facilities Management Brands Survey is back following a two-year pause. And with the challenges the market is facing now the timing couldn't be better.

RICS FM survey online now

RICS has launched its third quarterly survey designed to gather information on current and emerging trends across FM.

Mixed feelings about returning to the office

Many are already back and some don't know when or if they will be back, as employers look for the best way forward.

CEOs see change as here to stay

Almost nine in ten UK CEOs see a permanent shift towards more remote working coming out of the Covid-19 experience.

Different sort of virus hits data centre plans

Cyber attacks will always be a worry, but Covid-19 has pushed its way towards the top of the list of issues shaping decisions around sourcing and managing data centre space.

RICS survey sees change coming

Occupier demand for floorspace is down across the board, not surprisingly, but the future looks different too.

What future for face-to-face events?

Conferences, exhibitions and networking events have always been an important and popular feature of the FM scene. For many people, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed all that.

Autonomy makes the world go round

Pandemic lockdown or not, the key to good performance, and to success for every business, is employee happiness powered by autonomy.

University of Essex and Cloudfm take on Covid-19

The pair are joining forces to develop new disinfection services for the healthcare sector to meet the challenge posed by the virus.

EMEA outsourcing activity plummets in Q2

The first industry assessment of the impact that Covid-19 has had on the managed services outsourcing sector is chilling but not surprising.

Skills consultation launched

The building engineering industry has launched a sector-wide consultation aimed at ensuring the UK has the necessary skillbase for delivering a low carbon economy.

Mitie joins in Covid-19 testing pilot

The pilot, to evaluate the effectiveness of testing for people without symptoms of the virus who work in high-contact professions, is underway now.

Research into managing virus transmission funded

Design and engineering consultancy Arcadis has been awarded £50,000 to help in developing advice on the return to work.

Preference for home-working grows

New research commissioned by IWFM has found that the number of employees who do not want to return to the office has nearly doubled since the start of the lockdown.

Post-lockdown expectations: divided opinion looms?

One unexpected side-effect of pandemic lockdown has been a steadily growing file of surveys carried out to uncover experiences and views. A number of these point towards a significant divide about the future of work.

Security industry set for post-pandemic growth

Despite an uneven performance stretching into next year, the global security market looks set for good growth according to new research.

The future of global office demand

A new report argues that increased working from home doesn't equate to reduced demand for office space. The situation is more complex than that.

9 to 5 is so in the past

That's the conclusion of a survey of building occupiers carried out by CoreNet Global, the corporate real estate professionals group.

The downside of working remotely

Trust, social cohesion and information sharing are the areas most potentially vulnerable to damage when people work virtually.

How often do you review your cleaning KPIs?

More than a quarter of FMs in the EMEA region admit that their organisation has not reviewed metrics and KPIs for commercial cleaning in the last five years.

CBRE tests occupier sentiment

Occupiers across EMEA are planning to increase investment in technology, driven in large part by a post-lockdown focus on the employee experience.

Property: corporates looking for more flexibility

Demand by corporate owners to release capital from their real estate assets is increasing, spurred along by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some optimism in a tough marketplace

With new business opportunities in short supply, turnover generally on a downward slide and the prospect of redundancies looming, UK FM companies have a lot to worry about. But some see positives on the horizon.

The future of the workplace: a mix of locations

The results of a global survey on working from home during the pandemic point toward a shift from office-based to a "total workplace ecosystem", balancing office, home and other locations.

Businesses look to 'hold on' through coronavirus storm

A new building engineering services sector survey shows that almost three-quarters of businesses expect their turnover to fall in the second quarter of 2020, compared to the first quarter.

Home-working: a success for most in financial services

Almost three-quarters of employees (70%) working in financial services rate their working from home experience as positive, according to a new survey from Deloitte.

Many FMs fear they are years behind innovative competitors

Recent market research found 90% of FMs surveyed citing innovation as a top business priority, with 70% of those on the supply-side saying they are facing increasing pressure from clients on this. 

UK workers have mixed views on where they want to work

Rumours of the demise of the office are much exaggerated is the predictable conclusion emerging from research commissioned by the British Council for Offices.

Lockdown working: what are we learning?

Last week we launched a quick poll of the FM community, asking if people were looking forward to returning to their usual places of work. There's a lot of ambivalence out there, and the reasons for that hold some lessons for us all.

RICS market survey launches

RICS is currently gathering insights into how the facilities management sector is reacting to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

FMs looking for more to drive innovation

The majority of FM leaders across the EMEA region believe that technology suppliers should offer performance-based contracts in order to improve the success rate of innovation projects.

IWFM: people worry about coming back

As lockdown measures begin to ease, many UK office workers are concerned about going back to the office. But working from home isn't perfect either.

Property sector hit hard by pandemic

A snap poll by industry journal Property Week has found that over half of the companies covered have furloughed staff.

Employers call for changes to furlough scheme

A new CIPD survey of 1,000 employers highlights a need for furloughed workers to be able to work reduced hours.

Lockdown leading to lasting business change

The coronavirus lockdown is causing lasting changes to the way UK companies operate, new figures from the Institute of Directors suggest.

EMEA outsourcing up 4% in Q1

Ahh, the good old days. New research has found that the annual value of outsourcing deals in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region rose almost 4% in the first quarter of 2020.

Client expectations drive corporate sector FM

Facilities management outsourcing in the corporate sector accounted for 61% of overall UK FM market value in 2019, up from 58% in 2015.

CIPD: employers must step up mental health support

Employers need to act now to help prevent their employees from being at serious risk of mental ill health during and after the covid-19 pandemic.

Cleaning sector counts as top-ten UK industry

New research by the British Cleaning Council has revealed that there are approximately 1.63m workers in the industry, making up around 5% of the UK workforce.

Coronavirus: building engineers fear impact

Over nine in 10 building engineering services businesses say they are concerned or very concerned about the impact of coronavirus on their business over the next six months.

Sustainable buildings pay: new research

Sustainable office buildings can deliver financial benefits to investors through a combination of higher rents and stronger leasing velocity.

Coronavirus: UK not prepared for homeworking

Figures released by the workplace analysis firm Leesman suggest that the UK is one of the least prepared countries to weather a mass homeworking strategy.

Suppliers struggling with payment

The latest quarterly sector-wide Building Engineering Business Survey shows that payment conditions in the industry remain poor, with the majority of public sector work being paid for after more than 30 days.

The health & safety traps in outsourcing

A new study by Cranfield University investigates the workplace safety and health challenges that arise specifically from outsourcing.

Should you be worried about a post-Brexit UK?

Almost half of British boards expect Brexit to damage their businesses, according to a Financial Times-backed survey of the FTSE 350 companies.

Companies worry that strategies may be wrong

Uncertainty is continuing to plague senior executives, with many increasingly concerned that the assumptions underlying their corporate strategy may prove to be wrong.

2019: a good year for outsourcing

The value of outsourcing contracts of all types rose 10% in the EMEA region in 2019 as businesses sought to counter economic uncertainty by reducing costs and investing in new solutions.

Electric vehicles: an uphill fight

With the UK government backing a shift to zero-emission vehicles, a new survey has found mixed views on the switch to electric amongst UK office workers.

Councils unsure of their carbon footprints

Almost half of local authorities in England do not know their own carbon footprint, according to a freedom of information request from engineering services trade body ECA.

Interserve offers insights into workplace effectiveness

A new report explores the 'workplace effectiveness index', a methodology tested at the company's own award-winning HQ in Birmingham.

FM business confidence survey opens

The annual FM Business Confidence Index survey, backed by Barclays and IFMA UK, will test frontline market views within this key UK industry.

Retailers missing out on energy cost savings

More than half of UK retail industry leaders are concerned about changes to energy costs but over a third have not incorporated energy management or efficiency technologies into their operations.

CBRE names top trends in FM

The latest edition of the firm's annual report highlights how changes in occupier needs are impacting FM strategies.

FMs missing out on digital benefits

New research from Mitie has shown that almost half of facilities managers are missing out on the potential of digital transformation by not adopting new technology.

Flexible workspaces: good for local economies

New research from workspace provider Regus calculates the value that flexible office space and coworking locations would likely bring to local areas as operators look beyond major city locations.

Women in FM: slow progress at the top

New research from i-FM indicates that half of FM businesses in the UK have no female representation at board level.

UK contract catering headed for £12bn

Given a "supportive trading environment", total turnover in the sector could top £12bn by 2022.

Companies still finding their way on proptech

Real estate businesses are continuing to make slow and steady progress in upping their digital game, but enterprise-wide digital strategies remain far from commonplace.

Corporates still see value in coworking

Big commercial organisations are using flexible workspace solutions and seeing the benefits; but they are also seeing some of the limitations. 

Mixed messages on coworking

Research from design firm Gensler on the rise of flexible workspace in the UK corporate sector has found that 40% of flexible space users would rather work from a conventional office.

Employee benefits strategies to prioritise wellbeing

More than three-quarters of UK employers plan to incorporate wellbeing into their benefits strategies, according to new research from market experts Willis Towers Watson.

University estates: the challenges ahead

The annual Estates Management Report from the university community's professional body identifies a series of issues that might be keeping some estates directors awake at night.

Caution hits EMEA outsourcing

The annual value of Europe's managed services contracts dropped by more than €900m in the third quarter amid worries over Brexit, recession, trade and tariffs.

One in five new workplaces fails to meet needs

A new report from workplace experience research group Leesman concludes that a fifth of workplace change projects are not meeting employee needs. 

Workplace strategy: choice and variety work best

Private offices, open plan, hotdesking: getting the work environment 'right' is as contentious as ever. Into the fray steps Savills with its new What Workers Want survey.

Think-tank puts the case for outsourcing

Labour's policy of bringing public services back into government hands would be a mistake says a new report. But, on the other hand, politicians consistently overstate how much money is saved by outsourcing services. 

Leesman hits 600,000 milestone

The Leesman Index, the workplace experience benchmark, has reached a new peak, with more than 600,000 responses contributed to what is now the largest independent research project of its kind.

People want to work for companies with good reputations

Over three-quarters of people are looking for a good reputation when it comes to assessing businesses, according to a new UK-wide survey.

Engineers hopeful despite Brexit impacts on wider sector

The latest Building Engineering Business Survey shows that growth remained steady in the second quarter of 2019 in the face of rising costs and persistent payment issues.

Outsourcing: "uncertainty becomes the new normal"

Outsourcing markets across EMEA appear to be bouncing back, despite continued uncertainty around Brexit and, more widely, national economic stability.

Business ready to lead fight against climate change

With the government committing to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, a new survey has found the vast majority of UK companies already committed to tackling the issues.

Leesman teams up for wellbeing benchmark

The workplace assessment specialist is teaming up with WELL Building Standard founder Delos to investigate how real estate strategy can better support wellbeing at work.

Flex space changing everything

There's a revolution going on in the commercial property world, with more variation in occupation solution offers piling up over the past three years than in the previous 30. So says property services firm JLL in its latest market report.

Outsourcing is a big business, but a good one?

UK local authorities awarded outsourcing contracts worth £20bn over the three-year period 2016 to 2018. The biggest spend area was FM.

Measuring supply chain risk

More than eight in ten organisations globally have experienced a third-party incident in the past three years, according to new research by Deloitte. The figure rises to 90% of all UK-based survey respondents.

Engineering services recovering from tough 2018

The latest sector-wide Building Engineering Business Survey finds the sector showing signs of recovery after a challenging year.

Carillion collapse: construction industry blames auditors

A new survey conducted by public sector procurement specialist Scape Group finds that over 90% of suppliers think the relationship between Carillion and KPMG enabled the company's true financial position to be concealed.

Investors not feeling the heat on climate emergency

Is the message getting through? Perhaps not, as a RICS survey finds nearly half of real estate professionals saying that climate risks are not important or even irrelevant for property investors.

Brexit dragging FM market confidence down

Political and economic uncertainty are taking a toll on business confidence in the UK. That is certainly true in the FM sector, where the latest FM Business Confidence Index survey finds confidence levels down notably compared to this time last year.

UK lags behind EMEA outsourcing growth

Despite uncertainty over Brexit, the sourcing market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa set a record in the first-quarter of the year, with €3.9bn of combined market value for all major outsourcing streams.

Construction Products Association looking for FM's help

The CPA is calling for advisors, specifiers and users to take part in a survey that forms a critical part of the construction industry's reform post-Grenfell.

People override cost in CRE strategy

Around two-thirds of occupiers rank employee engagement and talent attraction and development as being two of the three most important drivers of corporate real estate strategy, even ahead of cost reduction.

Europe set for growth in connected HVAC market

Europe is seeing rapid growth in the market for smart connected HVAC systems that enable performance to be monitored and analysed.

The FM market: optimistic? pessimistic? not sure?

The 2019 FM Business Confidence Index, supported by Barclays and IFMA UK, is up and running, with this unique survey building a picture of frontline experiences and views. And there's a special reward on offer this week.

BCC offers insights into £50bn services sector

The British Cleaning Council has published the most comprehensive research into the UK's cleaning industry it has ever undertaken, extending data collection into waste management, landscaping and FM.

Outsourcing: why the gap between aspiration and delivery?

Our latest FM market audit research shows provider service performance rated below client expectation on every point but one in a list of 19 contract objectives.

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AI and the workplace: what do we really need to know?

Fiona Perrin talks with Inma Martinez, advisor to governments and businesses on the impact of artificial intelligence.

2025: market opportunities on the horizon

A series of factors create reliable demand for FM services and it’s not too soon to think about opportunities coming up in a year’s time.

Market insight: public sector contracts climb

Across the public sector 263 contracts relating to facilities management were awarded in Q2 2023, worth a total of £2.5b.

Market insight: public sector procurement falls significantly

The UK government awarded 246 contracts relating to facilities management in Q3 2022, worth a total of £280 million.

Market insight: FM procurement falls in Q1 2022

The UK government awarded 264 contracts relating to facilities management in Q1 2022, worth a total of £360 million.

Market insight: Public FM procurement hits £5bn in 2021

The UK government awarded 252 contracts relating to facilities management in the fourth quarter of 2021, worth a total of £445m.

FM market outlook: 2023/25

As outsourcing picks up pace in the UK, FM providers can look forward to increased business opportunities in the mid-term.

Market insight: 292 public sector contracts in Q3

This is the third in a quarterly series of updates exclusively for i-FM from Tussell, the public sector procurement experts.

UK government facilities management contracts: Q2 2021

This is the second in a quarterly series of updates exclusively for i-FM from Tussell, the public sector procurement experts.

UK government facilities management contracts: Q1 2021

This is the first in a quarterly series of updates exclusively for i-FM from Tussell, the public sector procurement experts.

Solving the productivity puzzle

Leadership is what impacts productivity the most, but not enough attention is paid to it and anyway, asks Sion Davies, do we have the right calibre of leaders in the FM and workplace sectors?

Productivity: new insight into an old problem

New UK research shows high CO2 concentrations in offices are decreasing people’s cognitive capability. John O’Brien explains the background to this and what the findings mean.

Coworking and the demise of the commercial property lease

Traditional commercial office leases are under threat, as an increasing number of organisations begin to recognise the value of flexible working. But why should facilities managers care about this new trend?

Five strategic sourcing approaches

To accommodate new market needs and increasing hyper-competition, the way business partners interact will change over the coming decade. The experts at ISS outline some of the options on the horizon.

The three components of excellent service quality

Service quality is one of the most important competitive factors in today’s business landscape. Here's some advice on how to make it excellent from the team at ISS. 

Replicating Carillion? The financial health of FM companies

The collapse of Carillion in January has put the spotlight on the facilities management sector and more generally on outsourcing. Jo Kettner turns that light on some of the big players in the business.

Achieving a high-performing workplace

Leesman, the global business intelligence tool that benchmarks how workplaces support employee and organisational performance, has launched a new research report which outlines where the best workplaces are outperforming the rest.

The service charge challenge

Service charges are a necessary part of multi-occupancy locations, but assessing value for money for the services included can be difficult. A new report from Property Solutions looks at the issues in the retail sector.

Creating Incentives

i-FM looks back through the archives to explore the story behind Incentive FM and its leader Jeremy Waud, one of the FM sector’s most enduring figures.

Apleona: tracking the path from cleaning to FM

Apleona appeared on the UK FM scene in mid 2017. Who is this company with the unusual name and where did they come from?

The workplace: indoor environmental conditions and productivity

Workplace and productivity have become major themes in FM over recent months. Here, Tom Cudmore looks at the crucial role of the environment, its impact on people and how all that can be measured.

What's the deal with productivity?

Can workplace design improve productivity, and is that measurable? Simon Iatrou talks to some of the key players behind The Stoddart Review about the report, its aims and the workplace puzzle.

Women on the board: FM behind the trend

About 10% of facilities management service providers have women serving as board directors. That puts FM out of step with the wider trend: the average across all companies in the UK is over 20%.

Seeing the light: FMs' views on LEDs

LED lighting could offer a good solution to a number of the big challenges facing all organisations and their facilities management teams. But how much do FMs know about LEDs and what are their views on the pros and cons?

Technology in FM: luxury or necessity?

Following a UK-wide survey looking into how technology is affecting facilities management, Service Works Group and i-FM reveal new insights into how the industry is performing.

Insourcing: why customers take contracts back

Whilst the outsourcing market continues to grow, there is also a growing 'sub trend' of customers taking contracts back in-house. Nigel Thacker looks at the reasons and offers some advice on what service providers can do about it.

How Will Work Change in 2018?

Mark Catchlove outlines some of the ways in which the pioneering furniture group Herman Miller works to predict the future for itself and its customers.

Sleeping Giant Awakes

Saudi Arabia has the potential to be far and away the largest FM market in the Gulf region. Trends in both the private and public sectors suggest that it is now poised to realise that potential and shed its historic low-cost, low-quality image.

The Informed Observer's View of FM

Editors and PR consultants specialising in the facilities management sector are in a unique position to see into this business, what it does, how it presents itself, where it's headed, what the challenges are. We recently asked them to share their views.

Pest Control: Growth Market

The UK pest control industry has continued to grow through an uncertain economic period coupled with changes in regulation and working practices.

All in a Day's Work

In the second in our series of reports on the projects shortlisted for this year's i-FM e-business Award, Johnson Controls explains its unique workplace survey tool.

Room to improve for M&E outsourcers

BSRIA research into client satisfaction with the performance of M&E maintenance providers suggests there's plenty of scope for more progress.

Understanding the Workplace

New research measuring the performance and effectiveness of office environments casts doubt on the focus of workplace designers on the needs of Generation Y.

Invest in Retention

With nearly half of facilities managers saying they had no pay rise last year and over a third saying they will change jobs this year, employers should be considering other ways to retain talent.

Work:10 Changes Coming

Start planning now for 10 years of radical change in how and where we work.

Procurement in a Recession

What does a recessionary environment mean for FM procurement? What lessons can we learn from the past?

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The FM market: navigating challenges and driving growth

The UK FM market, a powerhouse in Europe, is set to reach £42.8bn by 2027.

Closing the measurement gap in cleaning

A lot has been said and written about the need for the cleaning industry to adapt to the challenge presented by Covid-19. Improved cleaning and hygiene standards are seen as critical in protecting against the spread of the virus.

Testing your strategic growth plans

Every FM service provider has short- and medium-term growth strategies in place. But how effectively are the assumptions underpinning these strategies tested?

FM outsourcing: a bigger role for SMEs?

Active Workplace Solutions worked with online facilities management resource and insights provider i-FM to survey FM practitioners on the key issues, needs and opportunities they face today. The research provided some interesting insights.

The business benefits of hard data

Simon Iatrou's recent comment piece titled 'Where's the proof?' prompted a few thoughts on the analysis of data to make a case and how that applies particularly in FM.

FM needs a client management benchmark

Benchmarking is an established tool, used across industries, for identifying and managing opportunities to improve processes. But there is an unfilled need in the FM industry.

Utilisation studies: science or sorcery?

We have all sat through workplace consultants' presentations in which they report that the benchmark workstation utilisation is around 50%. What exactly does that mean?

Public sector panacea

In our post-recessionary climate the general market wisdom has often seemed to be that the public sector would provide significant growth prospects for the outsourcing community.