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Unlocking the sustainability opportunities in catering
Tuesday 19th June 2018

With two-thirds of UK consumers recently stating they would boycott brands that lack an ethical conscience, sustainability is an increasingly important issue for facilities managers with CSR targets to meet.

Enhancing team performance
Friday 8th June 2018

Tim Hysom discusses high performing teams and the best ways to collaborate effectively to achieve common goals.

An elite new venture
Wednesday 6th June 2018

After 15 years with Macro, Bill Heath left to explore new opportunities. They’ve certainly come knocking and include a new international business proposition, as he tells Fiona Perrin.

The three components of excellent service quality
Monday 4th June 2018

Service quality is one of the most important competitive factors in today’s business landscape. Here's some advice on how to make it excellent from the team at ISS. 

Three ways to make a building energy efficient
Friday 1st June 2018

In the world of facilities management, energy efficiency is a theme that is growing ever more important. With an anticipated surge in energy bills, clients are now expecting FM professionals to provide solutions to their energy management problems.

Change vs transition in service outsourcing
Friday 25th May 2018

Change management and transition management are important processes of any service outsourcing project. But what is the difference between them and what outcomes can they help you to achieve? ISS offers insights and advice.

Replicating Carillion? The financial health of FM companies
Wednesday 23rd May 2018

The collapse of Carillion in January has put the spotlight on the facilities management sector and more generally on outsourcing. Jo Kettner turns that light on some of the big players in the business.

Intelligent management: the key to a sustainable future?
Sunday 20th May 2018

Cities could be humanity's biggest challenge or our best opportunity; regardless, we are experiencing rapid expansion of urban populations. And the buildings that exist within these areas are guzzling up the world's finite resources.

Achieving a high-performing workplace
Thursday 10th May 2018

Leesman, the global business intelligence tool that benchmarks how workplaces support employee and organisational performance, has launched a new research report which outlines where the best workplaces are outperforming the rest.

Pledging to do more
Monday 7th May 2018

Sodexo's recently published Public Service Pledge has drawn a lot of interest in an FM marketplace that, if not troubled, is at least a bit unsettled. It would be easy to see the document as one more by-product of the Carillion debacle, but it is not.

Collaborative workplaces: flexible and future-proofed
Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Lieven Bertier explores how technology can help FMs create work spaces fit for the future.

A sustainable strategy
Monday 30th April 2018

In light of the FM market’s recent troubles, Tony Raikes tells i-FM that the outsourcing sector might have forgotten what it means to be sustainable.

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