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Moving to business focused maintenance
Monday 2nd December 2019

The traditional one-size-fits-all maintenance approach uses interval-based inspection, planned maintenance and reactive repair. Alistair Clements makes the case for a better solution.

Productive, high-performing and healthy workplaces
Wednesday 27th November 2019

Given what we already know, why isn't everyone making changes to create these, asks John O’Brien.

Changing business, person by person
Monday 25th November 2019

Chris Kenneally, CEO of Cordant Group, is 18 months into the journey to turn a commercial giant into a social business. Fiona Perrin met him to discover it's all about improving individual lives.

Councils are doing it for themselves
Wednesday 20th November 2019

Cornwall Council was an early adopter in setting up a wholly-owned FM operation; and Cormac is now winning third-party business. Fiona Perrin reports on the model.

Smart solutions deliver benefits
Monday 18th November 2019

Eindhoven University of Technology's Atlas Building is reckoned to be the most sustainable educational facility in the world following a 'smart' refurbishment.

Access control: unlocking the business benefits
Thursday 14th November 2019

Rodrigue Zbinden considers the evolving role of access control systems and their benefits beyond the traditional use as a security technology.

Workplace planning: new tech opens new doors
Monday 11th November 2019

As workplace needs and expectations change, 3D mobile mapping is becoming a key tool in building management, from construction to streamlining the process of maintenance and upgrades.

The hidden threat to our workforce
Friday 8th November 2019

FMs put wellness and the protection of the workforce right at the top of the agenda. So why, asks a new report, is no progress being made on the UK's highest reported workplace disease: hand arm vibration syndrome?

Invest in your people: an answer to the training conundrum
Thursday 24th October 2019

It's an old saying but it still rings true: "your most important assets leave your organisation every day".

What I've learned along the way
Thursday 10th October 2019

Andy Chappell, now head of global corporate clients for ISS, has risen fast up the corporate ladder. As he settles into his new role, he shares advice for young FMs who might hope to emulate his success.

9 megatrends that every FM provider should know
Tuesday 8th October 2019

Economic growth, globalisation, technological development... here are a just some of the megatrends that are shaping the future of FM, analysed by the experts at ISS.

Getting on with it
Wednesday 25th September 2019

Atalian Servest is good at giving the impression of being a calm, low-key sort of place. There’s none of that shouting about 'hey, look at us' that often goes with rapid growth and development.

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