10 Years of i-FM

i-FM turned 10 in 2009! We marked the occasion by looking back at how UK FM has developed over the decade, how it's shaping up in turbulent times and where it might be headed from here.

We rounded off the year with our views on some of the most important achievements in facilities management over the past 10 years. This is complemented with a look at some of the biggest challenges that lie ahead...a few made all the more challenging by the fact that they've found a place on both lists. Read 5 Success Stories + 5 Challenges for the Future to see if you agree with our take on the industry.

Prior to that, we asked 10 People to give us their views on facilities management past, present and future. These are key figures right in the thick of it, who have helped to shape – and been shaped by – this dynamic sector. Their insights and experiences shed a good deal of light on FM in the UK and beyond.

Have a look also at our brief review of 10 Companies in the sector, each selected because it illustrates some of the unique features of the industry. Each also encapsulates some of the history of how facilities management has developed in this country.

You can also read our exploration of 10 Key Themes in the industry. Most of the ones on our list seem pretty timeless: we were talking about them in 1999 and we may still be talking about them in years to come.

And don't forget the views of four key people who shaped our development: David Emanuel, Fiona Perrin, Martin Pickard and Richard Byatt. Just click on 10 Year Views.

Finally, if you haven't read our full-decade news round-up, 10 Years of FM on i-FM, it's definitely worth a look. Whether you're an old hand in the sector or a newcomer, you'll be amazed at how much FM has grown and changed. One more view on growth and change is here – our 15- year analysis of the evolution of the Top 50 (April 2016).

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