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Trends & Opportunities Report

Trends & Opportunities is our annual FM market landscape report. It starts with a review of the state of the market and some of the most important issues in it, typically looking at recent research and the performance of our Top 50 companies to illustrate trends, opportunities and challenges. Also covered is a month-by-month summary of the major developments we’ve been reporting on over the previous year; followed by our own take on the key issues and organisations to keep a watchful eye on over the coming year or so.

In addition, in recent years we have added value to our T&O Reports with the inclusion of contributed articles prepared by various experts. The 2014/15 report includes views and insights from:
  • Lindsay Jones, Relationship Director, Trade, Industrials and Services Team, Mid Markets, Lloyds Commercial Banking – on the state of the wider marketplace and FM opportunities
  • Mark Waddy, Director, MTW Research – on new market research in UK FM
  • Alistair Stranack, Partner, Credo Business Consulting – on trends and opportunities in Middle East FM markets.

i-FM’s annual Trends & Opportunities Report is essential reading if you need to extend your understanding of UK FM and also want to know more about how this industry is being shaped and where it’s headed.

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