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Facilities management is a big, diverse and complex sector, in which a huge variety of people with different backgrounds and specialisms operate – all of whom have a rich and unique story to tell.

Consequently, Tiger Mouth and i-FM have come together to create a series of videos presenting the best and the brightest minds working in facilities management today. We interview the people that are shaping the industry, looking behind the personalities to find out what facilities management means to those that are living and breathing it each and every day. 

The goal of this exciting new project is to demonstrate that corporate videos needn’t be the dull, stale or partisan puff pieces they so often are, but original, engaging and intimate windows into the worlds of the people who are having a profound impact on their profession.

The Tiger Mouth Talk collection will continue to grow over the coming weeks, as we speak to facilities managers at some of Britain’s most high-profile buildings, the CEOs of large FM service providers, and the future stars already forming big reputations. See the schedule at the bottom of this page – and stay tuned!

Liz Kentish, MD at Kentish & Co
The notion that facilities management is all about managing people may sound like a cliche but that's only because it's true, according to Liz Kentish. In the latest video, the FM Coach discusses the importance of investing in the talent pipeline, and why it pays off to take risks and step outside our comfort zone.

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Workplace Futures 2015
A short summary of i-FM's Workplace Futures conference, which took place at The Crystal in London on 10 February 2015.

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Gareth Tancred, CEO at BIFM
The CEO of BIFM explains why facilities management is becoming an exciting career proposition for young people. You may not be the next winner of the X Factor or make your debut for England, but you could be part of the team responsible for putting those events together in front of a global stage, he explains in the latest video.

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Neil Murray, MD of Corporate Services IFM at Sodexo
Frontline staff are representative of the diverse communities in which FM service providers operate but management teams are not, says Neil Murray. In this video, he discusses the need to understand why this is the case.

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Martin Pickard, FM Guru
"I'm only a facilities manager" is a phrase Martin Pickard is fed up of hearing. In this video, the FM Guru explains why FM professionals should shout from the rooftops about what they do, his own passion for the profession, its diversity and how great FM makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

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Jeremy Waud, Chairman of Incentive FM
Jeremy Waud believes open book contracts should be nothing less than a standard modern business practice, though he warns that it works both ways. The supplier should only charge the customer the price at which they bid, while the customer must be willing to reward the supplier if they deliver an excellent service. This is how outsourcing will create best value.

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Jane Lemon, Head of FM at Channel 4
Jane Lemon speaks about her high-pressured role as the person in charge of facilities management at one of the UK’s biggest television broadcasters. Like most media companies, Channel 4 is governed by extremely short turnarounds, which makes any long-term planning of its facilities almost impossible. What does she do to ensure that she is prepared for any eventuality? Communicate, communicate, communicate! 

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Tom Robinson, Head of Talent, Mitie Client Services
Service matters according to Tom Robinson. Focus too heavily on cutting costs and you will strip away the stuff that’s valuable, like succession planning, career development, reward and recognition, and all those things that make your employees feel valued. Get it right and everyone benefits.

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Debra Ward, Managing Director of Macro
In this video interview, Debra Ward explains how she, a small town girl from Alberta, Canada, now thrives in a truly global facilities management industry, creating teams that transcend every creed, colour and gender as well as inspiring the next generation of people.

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Richard Sykes, CEO of ISS UK & Ireland
Why is the Living Wage issue so important? Richard Sykes believes this is because it is nothing less than facilities services staff deserve for the often thankless yet pivotal work they do. In this video, he explains why paying these people a better salary is not only the right thing to do but also great for business.

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The schedule
We already have a great line-up of interviews planned with the people behind the FM industry.

Interviews are by invitation only, but if you’d like to be considered to feature on Tiger Mouth Talk then simply click here to make contact.

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