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Innovise - Leaders in Facilities Management (FM) Software and Technology

Innovise is a specialist division of the Innovise plc group of companies. Innovise’s software is designed for businesses in the Services sector, particularly Facilities Management.

Typically Innovise customers have large numbers of employees, many operating remotely in small teams or alone, and many end customers to satisfy. Competition is fierce, margins tight and differentiation fleeting. Sound familiar?

Innovise facilities management (FM) software is tailored to these complex requirements with an emphasis on scalability, ease of use and flexibility be it Enterprise wide or contract-by-contract.

Scalability is essential for software in the support services world, with requirements spanning small contracts to enterprises of 200,000 or more staff. The software developed by Innovise is built using the Microsoft technology stack and can scale to meet any requirement, large or small.

Innovise is expert in making its technology easy to use, whether it be executives at HQ or front line staff on site. The applications developed by Innovise have been tested in the field and refined over years, to ensure best in class usability across a wide range of user groups.

Innovise understands and that no two requirements are the same. Service providers often work with hundreds of clients with many different service needs. Moreover, customers differ in the way they want to consume technology – ranging from those wanting to buy and customise, to those preferring to consume as a service. Innovise has decades of experience in producing facilities management software. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.



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