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Invest in your people: an answer to the training conundrum
Thursday 24th October 2019

It's an old saying but it still rings true: "your most important assets leave your organisation every day".

What I've learned along the way
Thursday 10th October 2019

Andy Chappell, now head of global corporate clients for ISS, has risen fast up the corporate ladder. As he settles into his new role, he shares advice for young FMs who might hope to emulate his success.

9 megatrends that every FM provider should know
Tuesday 8th October 2019

Economic growth, globalisation, technological development... here are a just some of the megatrends that are shaping the future of FM, analysed by the experts at ISS.

Getting on with it
Wednesday 25th September 2019

Atalian Servest is good at giving the impression of being a calm, low-key sort of place. There’s none of that shouting about 'hey, look at us' that often goes with rapid growth and development.

What the office really means to a business
Tuesday 24th September 2019

Increasing the cost-efficiency of a business, managing health and safety requirements, extending the lifespan of assets and monitoring and maintaining compliance all showcase the importance of facilities management today.

Flexible friend
Tuesday 17th September 2019

Kurt Mroncz is in an ideal position to understand what's happening and why in the rapidly changing flexible accommodation market. He's been in the middle of it for years, building up a huge store of insight.

Smaller players with big ambitions
Monday 16th September 2019

The latest in a series of i-FM features identifying some of the smaller, but growing players in UK FM.

Wellness and FM
Friday 13th September 2019

The word wellness is everywhere. Type #Wellness into Instagram and you'll find 30 million posts ranging from bowls of green salads, to intense exercise routines, to bottles of activated charcoal. All with a collective 'shine' associated with good health.

Plugging the skills gap
Tuesday 10th September 2019

Why does the UK continue to suffer from a short supply of engineering talent? Why is the gap getting bigger despite efforts to put an end to the problem? And where can FM help?

When the lift doesn't go to the top
Tuesday 3rd September 2019

The subject of emotional intelligence seems to be everywhere, in bookshops, magazines and Twitter feeds. But how relevant is all this to workplace design and management?

International FM: the Sri Lankan experience
Thursday 29th August 2019

The future of facilities management in Sri Lanka could be shaped by Chinese investment, Sienna Emanuel reports

Tuesday 20th August 2019

The why, when and what: insights and updates from the LGBT+ in FM committee.

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