Welcome to the i-FM Contracts Database. Here you will find summary details of the contracts reported on i-FM - stretching right back through 2008. Please bear in mind these details reflect solely the information released to the marketplace, normally by the contract winner. Use the site search function on the navbar above to find the original news report on i-FM.

You can sort the list below in ascending or descending order on any of the column headings. You can carry out a two-stage sort by, for example, sorting first on date and then on keyword 'cleaning'.

Our aim is to make this database as helpful as possible by making it as comprehensive as possible. We are always keen to hear more details of contract wins.

Full licence holders have access to the full database of over 1100 records stretching back to 2008. Full access also includes the opportunity to search the database on any combination of criteria – service provider, client, date, length of contract, value, service scope.

As a research tool, this database is invaluable – and there is nothing like it available anywhere else in the industry.

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