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i-FM is a great resource for news and information about the facilities management sector. And because our systems are flexible, comprehensive and in-depth (our archives go back more than 15 years!), we’re an unbeatable resource for tracking or researching issues, trends, contracts, companies and just about anything else relevant to the FM marketplace.

From time to time we pull together content from the various sections of the site – news, features, comment, research and more – looking at a current theme. The purpose of these Collection Pages is to make our unrivalled content even more accessible to site users; but, in doing so, we also want to remind you how easy it is to draw together information on any topic that interests you.

Please remember as you look over the links in the box at the right that this isn’t all there is! You can use site search to explore our archives by entering any key word or phrase. You can also search our news pages by date or topic. If you need help or advice at any point, please do get in touch.  (Please note that Full licence holders have access to all i-FM content; Lite licence holders have access to all content excluding the Top 50 and the Research pages, as well as being limited to archive history of 30 days.)

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